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www.SuperMOMMitali.com has a wide range of loyal readers from moms across India and aboard to micro business owners, bloggers, artists and teachers, service providers, coaches, photographers and authors. Above all else, we are a parenting platform placing a strong emphasis on good quality information support, and advice for not only moms but also dads across the country.

In an effort to deliver quality content and stay true to our mission, we’ve spelled out a specific set of guidelines below. Please be sure to read through everything before submitting your post. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected.

*Note that we do not offer compensation for guest posts.


  1. Posts should be between 600-1200 words in length.
  2. The most popular articles are those with a friendly, conversational tone.
  3. Send us something value-packed. Your piece should be actionable and insightful.
  4. Encourage readers to reexamine what they know and allow them to consider things in a new light. You’re the expert, give us your unique spin!
  5. Double check it. We only accept guest posts that use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Due to the number of submissions we receive, entries that require excessive editing cannot be accepted.
  6. The post you are submitting must be your own, 100% original content, exclusive to us. It should not be posted elsewhere (including on your own blog/website) before or after it appears on our site.
  7. Your article must be presented in a non-advertorial, non-promotional fashion. You are welcome to make mention of (and link to) your company, product, once within the body.


  1. Pregnancy- Infertility, Delivery & Labor Story, Post Partum etc.…
  2. Family – Stories, Travel, Single Parents
  3. Food/Recipes- Grandmothers recipes, Tiffin special for kids, Sweets, Cakes etc…
  4. Meal Planning- For Toddlers till teenagers
  5. Education- School, Teaching methods, Boards in India etc.
  6. Sports – Indoor and Outdoor
  7. Homeschooling- Techniques and methods
  8. Special Children- Understanding them and helping them.
  9. DIY and Printable for Kids
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