Why Are Moms Complaining About Their Kids?

Why Are Moms Complaining About Their Kids?

Have you ever uttered the words, “I love my kids but…” and said something entirely opposite that feels like you hated them? Here is the truth, all mommies complain about their kids, and I am here to tell you that it is okay.

Being a mother is not an easy job. I can tell, I am a mother of two. From the moment we mommies wake up till the time we sleep, it is all about the kids and their needs. I’m not going to lie; there are times when I have wished that they just made their own breakfast so I can sleep through the early hours of dawn. Motherhood is a full-time job, whether you are a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, and that is why you should find time to vent it all out. 


Why Is It Okay To Complain About Your Kids?

Mommies often try to stop themselves from complaining about their kids to not be judged by others. Complaining doesn’t mean you love them any less. It just is a way for you to talk about the problems you face when raising a kid. And believe me, we are all in the same boat here. Every mommy has some difficulty or the other. The best way to relax and find solutions is to talk about it with others. 

Mommies, you don’t need to feel guilty after a let-out or worry about being a bad mom. Everyone speaks about the joys of parenting, but it is crucial to talk about the pains of parenting too. It isn’t always that rosy picture which movies paint for us. Parenting has its woes, and we mommies know it the best. 

Complaining about your kid gives you a perspective. Sometimes, if you say it out loud and listen to other people’s stories, it helps you calm down. Remember, as mommies, we are here to support each other. So, go ahead and complain about your little one’s tantrums or them being absolute little monsters or that they peed in their bed today! 


When Should You Stop?

Now while I am all game to promote this culture of complaining about your kids, I feel the need to throw in a word of caution here. Too much of anything is bad. 

If you are an ardent complainer of your kids, it might breed negativity. While you must complain about your kids from time to time, doing it often and always might affect your love for them. So, make sure you choose your fights. Every little thing that seemingly annoys you about your child does not warrant complaining about. You can pick the topics you feel are beyond your control or one of those days when you think things are simply spiraling down and speak about them. 



Don’t listen to people when they say things like ‘You chose this life’ or ‘Why did you even have a baby?’ when you complain about your kids. You are a mother, not a saint. There will be moments when you are frustrated to the core, moments when you just want to give up, and it is okay. So, complain about your kids, let it out, for you will have a healthier mind to love your kids more.

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