Where To Travel With Your Kids During This Pandemic?

Where To Travel With Your Kids During This Pandemic?

Now that you have all seen my Rajasthan Diaries and enjoyed it, are you wondering if you could travel with your kids? I have been busy answering all your travel woes while I was road tripping but is the question of WHERE to travel with kids hunting you? Check this blog post to know and plan! 

The lockdown did restrict us to the four walls of our homes, but now it is time to venture out and take that much-deserved break. Trust me it’s not that scary as I have traveled there myself.  Though this pandemic has severely limited the number of places we can visit with our kids. Nonetheless, there are a few places that you can head to with your family to enjoy the outdoors while keeping a safe distance. 


If you are wondering about the things you can do with kids during COVID, then head to the beach. Find beaches that are secluded or visit on an off day when there will be fewer people. Beaches with a long coastline allow you to maintain social distance without giving up on the fun. Your kids can safely play in the sand and take a dip in the water while you sip on that cocktail. We are taking a dip in the sea next month with our kids to GOA and hence that would be an amazing destination for your kids as well. Plus we are avoiding all kinds of public transport by traveling by car that is making a Road Trip out of the same. 

Spacious Adventure Resorts

Find a spacious resort that is inclusive of activities for your kids and yourself. From playing various outdoor games to bike riding to adventurous treks, several resorts offer a wide range of such events. Just make sure the resort follows all safety standards before you book your stay. Also, you should try and book your activity slots in advance so that you can avoid the crowd and enjoy yourself with your family. It can also be a villa stay where you can be safe and secluded yet enjoy a change of scenery. 


Camping Trips

Another excellent family vacation idea during COVID is a camping trip. You can drive down to secluded lake-side, river-side, or other sites that allow you to set-up a camp. Dance around the camp-fire, try cooking on a fire, and cozy up with your kids while star-gazing at night. Camping often means you will end up using a shared restroom, so ensure you have your sanitizers handy at all times. Even with others around, camping trips offer a chance to maintain a safe distance from people and allows you to have a fun and peaceful night-out.


National Parks

If you are all game for treks and trails and being at one with nature, then a national park is an excellent vacation option. You can plan jungle safaris, a walk through the woods, spot different birds, and many other fun-filled activities. National Parks are secluded and often have lodging for a limited group of people. This is an added advantage for your safety from COVID. 

Vacation Rental Homes

You can find some fantastic rental houses with a grand view for a change of location and a break from the city. Look for options where you can drive down and enjoy your stay. You can even ask your host if they have things to do for kids during COVID in and around the house. You can find a place with a pool and play area for the kids for a thrilling and safe time away from the crowd.


With the virus still out there, safety will be your priority even when vacationing. So, make sure you do your research and find a perfect place to travel with your kids. Plan ahead to avoid the last-minute rush, and most importantly, don’t forget to wear a mask, sanitize, and maintain social distancing. I believe that your mindset and attitude plus health also plays an important role. Hence keep fit and stay healthy! 

Keep on Travelling,


SuperMOM Mitali

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