What to Feed Your Growing Baby at 7-9 Months?

At 6 months, babies are ready to be weaned. And now these little moppets are all set to tickle their taste buds with something new and interesting. Their sense of taste mostly starts developing at the age of 7-9 months.

Here’s what you can do to let your baby have a frolicking time with food:

  1. Increase the number of courses

Start with little two-course meals. The first course could consist of food of the savoury kind, like pulses, or vegetable stew, etc. For the second one, you could cater to their sweet tooth, by giving fruits or yoghurt.

  1. Acquaint them with various kinds of food

Introduce them to the food of different kinds and flavours. Include little portions of strongly-flavoured items, like broccoli and spinach. You could also add toast fingers, and pasta to let your little ones become friends with a greater variety of food.

Babies like us get accustomed to taste. Hence, the same old bland flavours can turn them into cranky eaters. Thus, exposing them to a variety of flavours not only makes them easy to feed but lets them develop their taste buds too.

And that, ladies, is a sign that your baby is growing up to be a strong, composed adult!

  1. Let them feed themselves

At seven months, your tiny bunny has grown up to be a big bunny that can nibble his carrots on his own!

Jokes apart now that your munchkin has crossed six months, allowing him/her to munch on family food is definitely a feasible idea. This will orient them to the habit of chewing. Also, letting babies munch away on finger foods to their heart’s content, will eventually accelerate the process of teething.

  1. Include drinks

Although, they’re ready to be weaned, yet, milk, preferably breast milk is still an important dietary complement in the babies’ diet chart. Apart from that, they only need water to stay hydrated.

To help them get into the habit of sipping drinks, get them a non-spilling beaker or cup which also helps them during weaning.

  1. Don’t panic if they gag or throw a tantrum

Babies tend to gag when initially introduced to solid food. Just relax, and thump them lightly on their backs to help them overcome it. You could use a comfortable, high chair to help them sit comfortably. This would help them avoid gagging. Also, you could reduce the amount of food in a single spoon, which would help them swallow better.

In case your tiny tot throws a tantrum, stay calm. These little stars have a tendency to repeat the show if met with a reaction. That is their manner of saying ‘My way or the highway.’

A little induction into the world of eating, assisted by these simple nitty-gritty of elementary food habits can work wonders. Regular monitoring over a couple of months and your baby is ready to join the family on lunchtimes.

What can be better than having your kid with the family while you all enjoy a happy, hearty meal together? A warm family meal is just what you need to ensure that the child has all-round growth and development.


Keep on feeding your kiddo!


SuperMOM Mitali




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