Try Out 10 Trending Hobbies for Leisurely Recreation and Learning for Mommies

Try Out 10 Trending Hobbies for Leisurely Recreation and Learning!

New year’s beginning with new resolutions is the clichéd trend everyone has been following. Be honest, and answer this for once. Haven’t most of them been the remnants of resolutions you were sulking to implement?

Why not bring a new light to all then? Although it’s almost the end of March, it’s not late enough to let the rest of 2019 go in vain and with the summers coming up you can even try these with your mini-me or not!


Check out the 10 trending hobbies of 2019!

Surfing, anyone?

More than ever before, surfing is the hobby people have been taking up today. Good news is there’s no dearth of professionals in 2019 ready to help you out with a few necessary surfing skills. So, get set to unwind yourself!

Let the shutterbug in you take over

A.k.a become a photographer. Its time you gave shape to your fascination with lenses by clicking random pictures. Capture little moments of beauty and be a part of this cult which is shaping up fast. You can even take up online courses for this very hobby and teach this to your kid for clicking you as well!

Learn new yoga poses

For a fitness freak, yoga is the most trending hobby. Brace yourself for joining the ever-growing troop that wants to learn calming yoga poses. There are many youtube channels which will help you learn yoga and many other fitness sessions that too for free! Check these out!


How about trying music?

With each musical instrument giving away its unique notes, you can’t keep yourself from grooving over them! Now, it’s time you tried your hand at some of them. You can either join classes or get a one on one session from a musician friend.

Cooking is never out-dated!

Cooking soothes, so have you heard! Why not give it a try yourself? Pick up some cool recipes from your dust-laden cookbook. Grab the ingredients and get started! There are many youtube channels/ Blogs teaching you how to cook and these are some I love.

Mixing cocktails like a pro

The finesse of a professional mixologist making cocktails and drinks is adorable. So can you be! Learn the tricks of finely blending drinks that are lick-a-licious.

Give crafting a try

As a kid you believed cutting and folding papers is not your game. And it stayed with you, until now! Unleash the artist in you by taking up crafting of decorative. I absolutely adore MAD and this guy Robb.

Learn to write beautiful, a.k.a, calligraphy

Art is more fun when the world is out there ready to learn, just like with calligraphy. Yes, it was boring when you were a kid, but that was then. Now when you appreciate it, go for the lessons!

Get peace with martial arts

Although aggressive, martial arts are a way to release any blocked negative energy, thus bringing peace and calm. Forms like Tai Chi or Capoeira are the coolest ones in 2019 that you can learn.

Dance, dance and dance..

Dances like pole dance, ball dance or swing dance are all over the place. Any locality, any county, you will find someone giving lessons. Enroll for one and make your hobby your forte.

Too many options to not be had, isn’t it? Choose a few that bring you the most appeal and waste no more time to go for it!

You have to see these girls and groove with them.




Keep on enjoying life…


SuperMOM Mitali