This Indian Diet Chart Guarantees to Make your 6-Month Old Glamorous!

6 months down the line, and you noticed your baby’s habit of chewing things a lot? Well, good for you mommies, it looks like your angel is growing up just fine.

Also, the recurring chewing may be because he/she is still left hungry after breastfeeding! So, as you might have guessed, it’s time to introduce your infant to solid foods!

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering what the right diet chart for your cherub is, look no more. I bring to you; this tried and tested starter Indian diet chart from traditional homes, which can make your child’s glamour increase two-fold.

Indian 5 week diet chart for the 6-month-old!

Week 1:

Start your baby’s first meal by introducing him/her to apple puree or mashed apple; these will keep the infant fuller and add glow to her skin. Incorporate breast milk or formula with the puree if required. The rest of the day following mid-morning, lunch and dinner feed your child the regular baby formula.

You can moreover try suji puree, potato puree, and carrot puree every other day of the week to bring in a change of taste.

Week 2:

Once, you see your baby adjusting to this changed diet, move to substituting his/her baby formula with more solid foods. Maintain the pattern of feeding your infant the puree based breakfast and during lunch try these items in consecutive days-

  • Mashed fruits like bananas
  • Boiled veggies made extra soft
  • Dal soup
  • Pumpkin and potato mashed

These are light on the stomach and easy to digest, now additionally, follow the rest of the day with baby formula.

Week 3:

Well, it looks like the little one is quite relieved with the changing tastes, so this week, it’s time to introduce more complex meals. Startup with baby milk at dawn and try making your baby a liquid-based khichdi or mashed rice.

After she/he gets used to it, the next day follow up with a more filling lunch of apple suji kheer, sweet potato kheer or mashed rice with papaya puree.

Repeat according to your child’s preferences and feed you’re little one baby formula for 3-4 times each day.

Week 4:

4 weeks and your little one seems to anticipate meal times? Excellent, now it’s time for dal, rice, and ragi.

Start the day with baby formula and for breakfast give your little angle apple kheer suji, lentil and rice mashed or sweet potato kheer. Moving to lunch feed your baby, potato soup or carrot puree with little rice. Then for dinner try garlic lentil soup, mixed veg puree or beet potato puree or ragi porridge

These will offer your infant the right nutrients and slowly develop his stomach.

Week 5:

The last week of the month, you can finally try soft meat or eggs. Keep feeding the child breast milk or baby powder, but for breakfast, you can give your little one half-boiled eggs or apple ragi porridge.

Around lunch, vegetable puree or very light chicken broth. Make sure the chicken is steamed properly and don’t use any spice.

For dinner mashed potatoes with peas or soft rice with a dal and veggies.

Well mommies, use this simple diet to introduce your baby to solid foods. As time passes, depending on the child’s digestive capacities, you can further look up recipes for your 6 months old online.











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