The Best Available Picks of Milk Formulas for Babies in India!

When it comes to feeding your little angel, breast milk is the best option. However, it’s not possible to always have adequate breast milk supply. In such cases, the next viable, healthy option is baby formula.

However, the Indian stores today contain numerous baby formulas, but when it comes to your baby’s health; it’s feasible to get the best on!

So, here are the top-rated baby formula products that you can buy without a second thought!

The top 8 picks for baby formulas in India!

  1. Similac Advance baby formula stage 1!

I would recommend this baby formula for infants below 6 years. I had been using this product for my little girl, and it has suited her quite well. Rich in protein, carbs, and minerals this formula also contains healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

This helps in building brain cells and promotes tissue growth simultaneously. Additionally, the product contains iodine, folic acid, and zinc which helps to balance the body’s impurities.

  1. Nestle Lactogen baby Formula Stage 1

Another option at hand is the Lactogen infant formula. This dried formula is rich in maltodextrin, milk solids, soybean oil, minerals, corn oil, and soya lecithin. Additionally, it contains essential Vitamins, L-Carnitine, and taurine, which helps in tissue building and promoting growth in new-born.

  1. Lactodex 2

Babies above 6 months can use this brand for their baby formulas. High in phosphorus, zinc, protein, calcium, and milk fat, this product will offer your child a highly nutritious meal.

  1. Dexolac

The immediate replacement for breast milk is Dexolac.  With the presence of lecithin and amino acids, this baby powder helps in promoting overall brain development.

For newborns, Dexolac Premium 1 is advisable, and after the first 6 months, you can move to Dexolac.

  1. NanPro 1

This instant milk formula will offer your baby immunoproteins, fatty acids, and required nutrients. With a soft and supple taste, this powder moreover, builds immunity and ensures brain development in infants.

  1. Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Infant formula

This baby powder is perfect for infants below 1 year. Containing high and Arachidonic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid, this aids in the quick development of brain cells in kids and also helps in keeping the stomach settled.

  1. Aptamil First baby powder

This product is usually recommended by pediatricians and is rich in prebiotics and anti-oxidants. Also, containing high levels of healthy fat, this formula will promote your child’s growth.

  1. Nutrilon 1

This brand of milk powder is wholesome as it contains a combo of vitamins and minerals which promotes bone growth.

So, for babies who are frailer, this wholesome formula can give them sturdier bones and aid in weight gain.

Moving on, keep a note of these things while introducing your infant to formula milk-

  1. Don’t frequently switch your formula milk, choose the one which fits your requirement and stick to it.
  2. Our baby initially might face colic and gas problems, so check with the doctor for issues like lactose intolerance.
  3. Always use the products within the stipulated period and check for the expiry date before

Well, mommies, these milk mentioned above powders are to date the best in the market, so hope this article resolved your queries. Now, find the perfect milk formula for your baby. Good luck!


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