Stay away from baby care products containing Phenoxyethanol!

Stay away from baby care products containing Phenoxyethanol!

Parenthood is an enticing feeling. I can reminisce that feeling when I held my baby for the first time in my hands, the touch and warmth of her skin, her eyes and her body was so tiny. It was exhausting but was an experience of warmth and comfort. Ironic, isn’t it? It’s that kind of love; the one which knocks on your door with a smile and stays till the end with the same excitement. However, with joy and love, it did bring some serious concerns with it. Especially taking care of her delicate skin was a big issue! 

The major chunk of my day would be spent feeding and preparing a beautiful future for my kid. The remaining time would be occupied in enhancing the baby space and segmenting the best baby skincare products for sensitive skin. Stocking my kid’s room with toys and games was exhilarating; however, preparing for baby skincare was a bit overwhelming, I must say. 

Here’s the truth! Many moms like me have been concerned about our kid’s skin routine, but only some of us have taken steps to eliminate those concerns.

So, here’s a question for you! While you planned their space from scratch, have you taken a moment to stock safe baby care products? If not, take that moment now! Baby skincare products can leave you puzzled. Why? Well, it’s because many harmful ingredients like phenoxyethanol can affect your baby’s health. No one wants an unhealthy and perilous life for their baby. Before dissecting your question, ‘’is phenoxyethanol safe?” Let’s understand its definition.

What is Phenoxyethanol?

A preservative and controversial ingredient, phenoxyethanol is an oil and sticky substance used in skincare products, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Although it was described as a safe ingredient, there have been ongoing debates, questioning its safety.

Speaking about newborn baby skincare, its side effects can be dangerous for your baby. Feeling perplexed? Come, let’s interlock this puzzle and join the pieces!

Why is Phenoxyethanol not Recommended?

Several studies talk about phenoxyethanol toxicity and its effects on the brain & nervous system. Furthermore, it even has the potential of destroying the human reproductive system. So, using it is a big no-no. You need to know about the ingredients to avoid in baby products, and one of them is phenoxyethanol. Remember, babies are sensitive and need extra care. Such ingredients can irritate their eyes, skin, and even the respiratory tract. Choose wisely before finalising the baby skincare products for your newborn.

Do you know the surprising part? This ingredient even has the potential for allergic reactions at low doses too. No wonder it ranks amongst the topmost harmful ingredients. 

Note: Expecting mothers may have danger from the ingredient as well because of the above-mentioned side effects. Make sure you use products that are free from phenoxyethanol.

To sum it up in a nutshell…

As mothers, we need to play safe with our little ones. As the world is shifting to healthy products, a few brands are doing the same by offering phenoxyethanol-free baby products in India. Taking care of your baby’s skincare routine is as crucial as yours. It’s time you switch to phenoxyethanol free skincare for your newborn soon. After all, healthy skin calls for a happy baby. You gotta remember one thing. Healthy and safe living require thorough knowledge, happy surroundings, and safe & natural skincare products.

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