Serenity At Your Balcony Now! Steps To Have A Balcony Garden during this lockdown 2020

Serenity At Your Balcony Now! Steps To Have A Balcony Garden during this lockdown 2020


Why do we need a balcony garden?

Beauty lies in its nature, but what to do when nature is declining due to pollution? It’s time to have our own plants in the balcony. It makes the home look more beautiful and even healthier and acts as an anti-pollution filter.

“There can’t just be one or two reasons but plenty of why we need a garden in our balcony. And my balcony gardens are something keeping me sane during this lockdown because of gardening also boosts the positive hormones in your body.”

Wanna know the other reasons? Here they are…

Fresh air to breathe

Respiratory problems are spreading like a forest fire in every part of the world. This problem gets increased because of the depleting quality of air. The best and cheap way to improve the air quality at home is by making your own plant balcony.

Connecting Kids with nature

In the era of video games and cartoons on the TV, plants make a connection with the kids. Plants allow kids to know that they too have a world apart from video games and TV. They can connect to nature and make a difference.

Your own space

How many times will you get a chance to create something on your own without looking back or asking anyone? When a plant grows because of you, you will have the most perfect smile on your face and your heart will get warmed with love. Also, I was just telling my kids the other day that this is a skill you need to transfer onto your next generation. They will be definitely needing it.

Let us take a look at 5 steps to creating a balcony garden

Step 1: Getting the right light

Before setting up the balcony one needs to concentrate on the amount of light that the tees are going to receive in a full day. So, planting trees where there is a proper amount of sunlight available is a must.

Step 2: Proper soil with no dirt should be used

Very light specially made for containers without dirt should be used and soils with pea gravel, moss or shredded clear should be avoided.

Step 3: Compost should be used for good quality

Compost is not possible for dwellers for stays in apartments, so it is important that people use compost tea. That acts as a very good compost for indoor plants and containers.

Step 4: Plants should be nourished with a good drink

Plants growing up in windy or airy areas are more likely to be watered more or once per summer. While watering your plants in the balcony you should make sure that excess water should not be poured or if done it should be drained out through the container.

Step 5: Making the balcony winter-proof

The pots in your balcony should be winter-proof to avoid cracking and damaging the plants along with your balcony.

Some tips for your new balcony garden before you set up

The pots and containers that you choose for your very own plant balcony should be of such structure that there is a proper provision of the excess water drain out.

Vertical gardening is a very good option to opt for as it is very less space-consuming and it prohibits water-clogging inside the container making disruption in the growth of the tree.

Soil and food for your garden play a very important role as they provide the basic nourishment to the plant growth. Tea compost is the best and quick one.

Make sure that that the garden is getting enough sunlight but make sure that the plants are not exposed to heavy sunlight, resulting in which the trees would die due to heavy sun rays.

Let’s recreate the beauty out of nature.

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