Preserving Your Child’s Innocence Forever

Preserving Your Child’s Innocence Forever

Have you ever seen a child playing in the rain? The sounds they make while they chuckle are what we can safely call sounds of bliss. All those emotions and curiosity in the eyes, those modest little feet, and hands, make us all fall in love with the beautiful creation of God.

Have you ever thought about when a person’s soul is in the purest state? When is a person most candid with themselves and with the world? Here is the answer: In the beginning

In the very beginning, when they are still unblemished by the surrounding materialistic world, still not familiar with the hypocrites, and still loving things purely – like only a child can do. Childhood is the most wonderful period in everyone’s life. Once you enter adulthood all you want is to have your childhood back. It is when you realize that what children have preserved deep inside – the innocence and the pure love – and that’s what matters the most. This is what makes the eyes of children glow and sparkle – their innocence. They need just to be adored, to learn, and to contribute. Saving a child’s innocence is the ultimate secret to contentment; it’ll bring you happiness like nothing else ever could.

Wouldn’t it be great if you preserve your child’s innocence and let them be baby forever? It is a dream of every parent, isn’t it? All of these questions are going to have a single answer, yes!


A portrait of your child – be it from their first day, when you saw your little bundle of joy for the first time or them dancing in the rain and playing with mud, will be a special blessing that you’ll give to your baby and also yourself. It will stay with you forever and always make you relive those moments!

There’s an online platform named BookMyPainting which consolidates present-day advancement with hand-painted craftsmanship, all enveloped in a quirky gift wrap. They feature dedicated and talented artists who’ll bring any bit of an image into life. BookMyPainting provides different mediums to choose from and you can incorporate your touch the way you want – all of that at the most reasonable prices! All you have to do is to choose your medium, upload your favourite picture of your child, and select the desired size and order. Your work is done. Their experts will help you to customize your masterpiece. It is a technology-powered platform with the easiest user interface. Now, sit back and watch your showstopper delivered at your doorsteps. Their 100% handmade paintings will surely compliment your living room or family room.

Can’t decide the perfect art style for your perfect painting? Don’t stress, these few tips will surely rescue you:

Handmade Charcoal Sketches


If you’re more of a B&W person and want your portrait to be classic and monochromatic then, surely go for charcoal sketches. These portraits have high contrast and give you a raw vibe. The blending, shading, and display of finer details are flawless in this art style which expresses your emotions vividly.

Oil Portrait Paintings


Looking for something more colourful? Oil paintings should be your choice. They are lustrous, vivid and more realistic than other mediums. Oil paintings take a lot of time to be made. However, if done properly, it never fails to grab eyeballs. It is said that if oil paintings on canvas are preserved properly, they can last for centuries or more. So what’s better than preserving all the love and memories of your child/children inside a solitary portrait?

Watercolour Paintings

This medium in colour paintings takes into old-school art techniques. If you remember your child painting his/her first picture with you or their grandparents then you should choose this medium to bring back all the recollections. These watercolour paintings are vivid, joyous and minutely detailed.

Pencil Drawing

Confused between a drawing and painting? Pencil colour medium is something for you. Pencil colour mediums are appropriate when you want to stick to your budget and cannot compromise with quality. Pencil colour portraits are colourful just as oil paintings and watercolour painting but it has a texture of drawing.


So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate every moment with your child in the most special way possible. Gift him/her (and of course, yourself) a treat for the eyes in the form of a stunning handmade portrait that will safeguard all your beautiful memories for a long time to come.



Keep on Painting


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