Love Planters But Scared Of Mosquitoes? Here Is What You Need To Know

Love Plants But Scared Of Mosquitoes? Here Is What You Need To Know

Gardening has always topped the list of hobbies for people who are blessed with a long courtyard. It is often considered as a way where people can reignite their inner imaginative soul and align all their creativity in setting up a garden of their dreams where they can witness their favourite flowers swaying in full bloom.

If you are staying in Mumbai or a metropolitan city, you can definitely use the vertical space and plant as many shrubs and planters that you can dream about!

Nothing seems more satisfying than seeing the effort of getting paid off when the labour someone infuses in growing their plants. However, every good thing comes with a looming danger.

The presence of mosquitoes can plague the garden which an individual fosters with care, affection and love. Breeding of mosquitoes in the courtyard due to plants and stagnant water can debar you from spending precious moments at your favourite space.

Mosquitoes mostly breed in places where water has been kept as stagnant for long. They find warm-season ideal to multiply in numbers and consider your paradise as a suitable place. However, this plight can be safely evaded if individuals take up a few measures.

Simple steps to ward off mosquitoes

The gnawing existence of mosquitoes can steal moments from spending quality time in gardens and courtyards. Here are a few ways one can employ to obliterate breeding of mosquitoes.

Remove stagnant water from the planters

Remove water that has been kept standing for long due to stocked debris, cans and other things that can create an obstacle. Make sure that these areas are cleared off immediately to prevent water from getting shared as these can be the breeding for insects like mosquitoes. You can also buy the newly launched self-watering plant pots.

Sprinkle coffee seeds around the garden area –

Try and scatter coffee seeds in areas where you find water getting blocked. Since stocked stream can because of mosquitoes getting multiplied, it is advisable to spread coffee beans to those areas to prevent mosquito eggs from uncoiling from their shell and grow. Coffee seeds deprive areas of oxygen, therefore, killing of mosquito eggs and prevent them from hatching. You can even try Mulching as it helps prevent soil from getting directly exposed.

Build a drainage system inside the garden area –

Building proper sewerage in the yard stands imperative to make sure that water does not hold in the garden for long. Every garden enthusiast should consider planning out a drainage system to ensure that water can pass through swiftly without any blockage from garden space after being watered.

Treat your garden space with repellent 

Using mosquito and insect repellent can be an effective method of controlling brooding of pest inside a yard. Repellents like Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid are widely used by garden owners to lower the scale of mosquito growth. One can either spray them in the ground or can create a barrier by sprinkling them around the corner.

Plant Mosquito Repellant plants

Furthermore, individuals can choose to plant herbs like Basil, Chives, Rosemary and Mint, Marigolds that can deter mosquitoes and all types of bugs from humming at your garden area. These types of herbs have a strong smell that affects pests and bugs, thereby driving them away from places.

Learn about Hydroponics to have a permanent solution to these problems! But that shall be addressed in a later article.


Till then…

Keep on gardening


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