Traveling to Kolkata with Kids? Rethink your itinerary

Traveling to Kolkata with Kids? Rethink your itinerary

Well, my proud mother of two, are you wondering how to spend the last 2 days of your maternity leave innovatively or just thinking about taking a break with your kids in the middle of the season? (That’s hardly a break….) Or something calls for a vacation where you want to teach your kids a lesson or two? 

Here’s a suggestion! With such less time at hand, you might not be able to pull off a laborious vacation, so why not embrace your hometown? Or a City which is known for its rich heritage.

Kolkata may seem like a regular metro city, but you know that no other town can beat it when it comes to a city with a soul. So, check out these areas you can sightsee with your family in your hometown itself!

Unique places in Kolkata to cover with your children

Victoria Memorial

With area coverage 57 acres of land, 28,394 artifacts, 3,900 artistic paintings, and housing 21 lush gardens, this monument is perfect for families.

You can pack yourselves a picnic lunch, and sit at Kolkata Maidan and even go for the famous carriage rides. Moreover, the lush greenery will be good for both your children.

This monument is open all year along, but I would suggest going around winter afternoons, as the aesthetic beauty rises two-fold in winter.

Marble Palace

Built during the British Raj, this place harbors artistic paintings, statues and pristine glassware. Moreover, there is no entry fee, and this building is home to one of the oldest royal families of England.

Cascaded with visually pleasing architecture and greenery this palatial building sits in Jorashankho, Kolkata.

You can visit this place at noon after a hearty lunch in one of the oldest restaurants of Kolkata ‘Gol bari’. Famous for their kaasha mangsho, this eatery is one you don’t want to miss.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari

If you occasionally love curling up with a novel by Tagore or you find yourself humming to the melodies of Rabindra Sangeet, then I would suggest that you visit Jorashakho thakurbari.

Rich in cultural plethora, this place will be a favorite to both you and your child. Moreover, if you’ve hired a cab, bringing along your infant will be no issue at all.

Don’t forget to carry a camera and get clicked in this architecturally brilliant location with your family.

Nehru children’s museum!

This museum is perfect for your 2nd born. He/she on entering will enter into to a world of imagination and treasures.

Moreover, the gallery has an interesting collection of art and scientific artifacts which will fascinate you and your family too.

Additionally, you can carry your infant in a baby carrier, so for a short day tour, avail this location.

Eco Tourism Park

Recently inaugurated, this is another good location to choose for a family outing. You can carry a pram and walk with your baby, while your 2nd born can indulge in cycling, and roller skates.

Additionally, you can visit the incarnations of the 9th wonders and even grab lunch in Café Ekante. What’s more, there is a toy train ride that covers the entire park.

So, choose this picturesque setting for a full day family outing.

Nevertheless, see mothers, you can never run out of places to sightsee in Kolkata! Here are extra options like Princep Ghat, Millenium Park, Indian Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Nicco Park. So, hurry plan your day tours now.

Happy traveling!


SuperMOM Mitali