International Schools Help in Bringing Out the Innate Potential of Each Kid

International Schools Help in Bringing Out the Innate Potential of Each Kid

Did you love school as a kid? I am sure there are many who would agree that school years were the best years of our lives but there are also many who look back and wonder if what we learned back then had any practical applications and did we absorb what we learned? Given a chance to be Gen Y today and go to a school, I would definitely choose an international school because I loved learning and understanding but rote learning and exams were something that was a burden and I think that is why I agree that today’s international schools are doing a great job of educating kids, making them aware of the current scenarios, kids are encouraged to talk and voice their opinions making them young adults who are going to be the future of the nation and the world.

                  Schools definitely play an important role in shaping every child’s future. From training their minds to developing their attitudes, a healthy environment at school can have a lasting effect on a kid’s behavior and success. Today, with the changing scenarios and technological advancement, even the best schools in Mumbai and Pune are under pressure to change the way they introduce learning to their students.


Every school has a different way of functioning. Even with a standard curriculum, how a teacher teaches and how they turn the classroom into a fun learning setting varies between schools. For instance, some CBSE schools in Pune use a unique mix of modern and indigenous teaching methodologies to provide 360º holistic learning to their students. Such schools have a developmental approach to education rather than mere concentration on academic score sheets.  


Schools now need to focus on developing their students’ potential and preparing them for the future where perhaps, mark sheets won’t matter, but intelligence will. In order to tap into these talents, teachers can be trained to use a few primary steps, as discussed in this write-up.

  • Recognizing and Applying Students’ Strengths

Every child has immense strengths that teachers generally work on in some of the best schools in Pune and Mumbai. For instance, some kids may not be very outspoken but may have talent when it comes to the written language or may have a higher understanding of a particular subject. Teachers should be on the lookout to recognize such strengths and help students apply them in the right direction.


If teachers train students according to their strengths, they can help them develop the confidence to perform better. Students will feel empowered to stay more actively involved in class and always take their best foot forward. 


  • Enhancing Cognitive Performances

The brain has several areas that get activated to find solutions when introduced to problems. Teachers from international schools in Pune use teaching pedagogy that enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. These are the methodologies that every school should initiate in their classrooms to improve intellectual performances in kids. 


Building intellectual curiosity can help students develop knowledge by asking questions and challenging pre-existing notions. With heightened cognitive abilities, students cultivate reasoning skills which they can then apply across multiple fields in academics, on the career front, and in life. Appealing to students’ intelligence invokes their interest and makes it easier for teachers to train the children in particular topics.


  • Encouraging Development of Existing Knowledge and Skills

As kids go through various stages in academics and life, they build some knowledge. Teachers can provide tools to further develop the existing foundation of their students or, alternatively, offer knowledge to create the framework. Some CBSE schools in Pune work with kids using this practice to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge base. 


Schools should focus on activities that promote existing skillsets while cultivating new ones, whether in a classroom or through extra-curricular events. Teachers can concentrate on providing knowledge that will take their students to the next level and help them accomplish more than they thought possible. Encouraging the advancement of existing skills and expertise can help students stand apart from the crowd.

  • Connect Learning with The Real World

When teachers connect book-based information to actual-world occurrences, students are better able to understand and relate to the topic of discussion. For instance, when teaching about the moon and its effects on tides, teachers can ask students to observe the timings for high tides and low tides and check the position of the moon during that period. Such simple daily life incidents can be an excellent way to teach students. 


Additionally, teachers can utilize current events to explain certain subjects while also making students aware of the events around the world. Connecting learning with the world outside will help students to thoroughly understand a given topic and pique their interests too.

  • Accept Cultural Differences

Most schools in Mumbai and Pune are inclusive of students from different cultural backgrounds and provide an environment of mutual respect for these diversities. While culture is one of the primary building blocks in a student’s learning curve, it can at times be the factor holding the child back from expanding their mindsets. 


In such cases, teachers play a crucial part in showing students the right direction. They can set examples for students to understand within the boundaries of their cultural differences and develop their personalities around them. Teachers can also prompt curiosity for students to explore on their own and build knowledge by breaking myths and accepting cultural realities. 

  • Educate Keeping Growth Assessments in Mind

Learning experiences should always be considered as opportunities for growth assessments. This does not necessarily mean judging students based on their marks, but their overall performance should ideally be taken into consideration. For example, suppose a student has participated more in one particular week compared to the previous one. In that case, the assessment should be around their activeness in class. 


This way, teachers can build confidence among students and make them more involved. Students will feel like putting in an extra effort when there are appreciated and given encouragement. Teachers can also point out areas for kids to improve and give them tips on how they can perform better in those fields. 


To Conclude

They say a good school is only as good as its students. Hence, schools in Pune and other Indian cities are now taking additional efforts to change the traditional pedagogy of imparting knowledge and adopting modern techniques. Many teachers focus more on developing soft skills along with hard skills and help in students’ overall development and these teachers also help in shaping kids’ personalities. As they say, a good student is only as good as the teacher so I would really like to appreciate and applaud these schools for shaping our future generation! 


Keep on learning 

SuperMOM Mitali 


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