In Conversation With: Sonali Purewal, Founder Zoobop

There is no one teaching you that you need to take care of the one planet that you live on, there is no one telling you that you need to conserve the planet for your future generations to come. I decided to become a sustainable individual and a household because my heart told me something is not right in the way we are splurging away our natural resources. I am so lucky to have met like-minded people who are doing so much more to make us aware of the products we are consuming. I am really glad to have spoken to and interviewed Sonali Purewal an ace designer, A strong proponent of animal welfare & an environmental advocate. She is now the co-founder and CEO of the world’s first brand checker Zoobop!

So Sonali tell us the idea behind Zoobop- What is it?  

The idea behind zoobop is simply to empower you with information to make better choices when buying personal care products. It’s all about being informed and doing better. I have been working on Zoobop for over 3.5 years in which I have extensively researched the personal care industry including various polluting & toxic ingredients, ethical & sustainable standards and transparency rules including other aspects of the industry that have an environmental & social impact. I have devised our proprietary Zoobop score which is a quick second that provides a rating on how good a brand is. The score rates a brand on a scale of 0 to 5, so it’s very easy & convenient to understand. Zoobop is the only checker that scores a brand holistically across safety (toxic concerns), green (eco & sustainable concerns), honesty (ethical sourcing) and cruelty-free (animal testing policies). We collect over 100 different attributes such as ingredients, ethical policies, certifications, etc. which all have an impact on the score.

Who thought of this and how?

Zoobop has been a labour of love. For me personally being sustainable has been a journey of constant learning. And it still is. If I can do something to change my footprint even by a tiny bit it’s worth the switch. 

Back in 2016, I was struggling to buy basic personal care products as there was no simple 3rd party platform that would allow me to check for ingredient toxicity, eco-footprint, testing policies, false claims, misleading logos and the sourcing ethos of a brand…

Back then I  remember thinking that there needs to be an app that does this in one shot, rather than me having to look at several different platforms to check .. and there wasn’t!!!  

That’s pretty much how zoobop was conceived.. 

Sonali Purewal and I can’t help but notice that you have the word  PURE in your surname…tell us something about yourself, please.

Hahaha, that’s my husband’s family name. The ‘Pure walls’, as our friends call us.  

We live in our mountain home up in Kasauli with our 3 humans and many furry children. Living surrounded by pine forests and the mountains do its magic every day. It also brings with it a deep understanding of how we are the most irresponsible species that exists.

Our man-made pollutants cause irreversible damage not only to us ( our bodies) but to the planet. I would like to give back to the earth, by helping people clean their footprint in both small and big ways.  My mantra is, “Many small changes can make a HUGE difference”.  

How did you get associated with the UN for the same? What were the steps? Was it easy?  

The One Planet Network is a wonderful very approachable team that loved the concept of zoobop and truly felt that it would make a huge difference in helping consumers the world over. Zoobop is perfectly aligned with the UN sustainable goal 12 which advocates Responsible  Consumption & Production. The easiest step would be to introduce yourself via email and send them a small deck/website of the work you do.

Do the brands on ZooBop know that they are being bopped?

Yes. Since the platform is live it’s easy for brands to check their score.  We do get approached by brands all the time asking us to help them improve their score.  As brands are constantly reformulating, their score on zoobop will automatically increase/decrease. Depending on if a brand improves its footprint with better Skus, or starts formulating dirty.  

Zoobop not only helps consumers shop better (more responsibly ) but it also helps brands produce better. By removing toxins from formulas,  using better earth-friendly packaging, showing a transparent supply chain, buying fair-trade, having a strong commitment to being 100% cruelty free .. we are happy to advise both users and producers. 

What are the next steps that Zoobop is gonna take to become a  global platform?

We are super excited to be launching zoobop internationally with location-based information for users from the UK, USA, Europe,  Australia/ NZ and Singapore.  We are also seeking multiple stakeholder partnerships with all environment concerned bodies around the world. 

Last but not least… How can we become wise customers? Is it possible?  

All you need to do is Bop it!  


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