How To Travel With Your Kids In This Pandemic

How To Travel With Your Kids In This Pandemic

Let’s go to Italy! I exclaimed and we made our plans, booked the tickets, and then we had to cancel because this Pandemic hit us in the year 2020. There was lockdown allover and we didn’t know what to do? While I focussed on getting my fitness back on track, my husband learned baking, my elder daughter learned how to cycle, and so on but we wanted to travel and hence we started our research! Soon a few places in and around Mumbai and then India opened up. Now that things are easing, we can start putting our plans in action, on a smaller scale, of course and this is how we can prepare…Traveling with kids is never easy, and with the virus still out there, one will have to be extra cautious. From using the right masks to packing tit-bits for the journey, safety is definitely a huge concern. You need to pre-plan every step to avoid unnecessary exposure and have a happy, safe, and successful trip.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your travel with your kids in the pandemic


  1. Select A Less Crowded Place 

Didn’t we all complain about how crowded India is? This is your chance to stay away from all of it! You need to decide on the place you want to visit and the duration of your visit. Make sure you check the status of the pandemic in that place(we can never be sure of the numbers online, hence check with a friend or relative staying close to that area) and avoid areas that are at high risk. You can plan a day outing to the beach or park or other open places, where it is easier to maintain social distancing. If you plan a weekend or a week-long vacation, ensure that the hotel or Airbnb where you are staying follows all safety measures. Explore a few options and read reviews before locking on one. 


  1. Pack Right

While traveling with your kids during the pandemic, masks, Sanitizers, and wet tissues are a must in your travel pack. Additionally, I would recommend carrying sanitizer sprays for your gadgets, wallets, credit cards, etc., which have a higher chance of getting exposed while traveling. Ensure each of your kids has their own handy-bag with an additional mask, sanitizer, and tissues. Try to get your hands on those paper soaps to wash your hands while traveling.


  1. Know Travel Protocols

Knowing travel protocols is very crucial when traveling with kids in a pandemic. If you are planning on flying, find out which airway has the best safety standards, although currently, everyone is strict about these protocols. Find out if you need to do a COVID test before commencing your journey and while entering back into your town/state/country. 

If you are traveling by road, limit your halts and use FASTag to avoid any contact at the tolls. If you have to take a break, make sure it’s a safe place with limited people. A road journey with your kids might seem tedious, but with your personal vehicle, it might be the safest option out there. When you are with your family inside the car, the masks can come off, and your kids can be more comfortable.

If you wish to travel by buses or trains, I wouldn’t personally recommend it for kids, but if it’s your only choice, then sanitize your hands regularly. You can maybe spray your seats with the sanitizer before occupying them and wear your masks at all times.  


  1. Carry Your Food

If you are uncertain about cafes or restaurants on your way, carry homemade food while traveling with your children during the pandemic. Even though restaurants claim to follow all safety measures, you can never be too sure about it. Instead, you can carry fruits, sandwiches, biscuits, juices, etc., to be safe and healthy while traveling. 

If you must eat at a restaurant for any reason, make sure the place is hygienic, the staff is wearing masks, and follows social distancing protocols. Find a nice quiet place instead of a crowded one, where your family can sit comfortably and with minimum contact with the people around.


  1. Talk To Your Kids

Most importantly, have a discussion with your kids about the situation outside. Tell them why it is vital that they keep their hands clean and their masks on at all times. Children are fast learners and can gel into situations if we can patiently explain things to them. Although they may not get the entirety of the problem, they might just cooperate because you are taking them out.

Finally…Don’t forget to click lots of pictures of your fun vacation. Once you are back from your travel, make sure your wash yourself well with soap before using anything in your house, this can mean a fun bath with the kids! 

Also, I believe that a fit mind and a fit body does not attract any kind of disease or virus. Maintain a positive attitude and believe that you are safe and healthy and that is it! Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of your homes.

Keep on Travelling,


SuperMOM Mitali

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