How to Decorate Small Spaces in Mumbai for Christmas?

How to Decorate Small Spaces in Mumbai for Christmas?


Though Mumbai is a large city, having a population over 18 million is massive for any city as there are countries which have a lesser population than this such as Iceland, Bahamas, Maldives, etc. Hence, not every family gets to stay at an apartment which is spacious. However, with Christmas around the corner, parents can give their children the ideal Christmas experience irrespective of available space. All you have to do is follow a few particular decorative ideas.

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Decorate curtains with lights

White lights are the ultimate way to make people especially kids the appropriate seasonal feeling. It is the easiest way to décor as putting some lights over curtains directly is not a big deal and always goes with the room’s décor. People can use Christmas lights to spread the cheer of this season.

Moreover, for any family which consists of kids lighting along with very few decorations will ensure their happiness and enjoy this season. All one needs to do is get the power connection with the help of an extension cord and you are good to go.

Making use of kitchen cabinet

Irrespective of an occasion a kitchen needs to have ample clear space for continuing daily chores without any obstruction. Hence, to make it more Christmassy, people can tie the ribbon on ornaments and wreaths; simply hang them from the back of cabinets that would offer a festive touch during the season without interfering with everyday life. Apart from the kitchen, other spaces’ cabinets can also be used for such decoration that offers a festive feeling to all.

Making use of high places

Many houses have a narrow width but high ceilings, for such places one should know how to capitalize on height. People should simply hang snowflakes, stars, and other decorations from the ceiling. These are heavy at all and thus, doesn’t require hammer and nails. Just get a ladder and hang such decorations using scotch tape and when this holiday passes, simply remove them without any problem at all.

Faux Christmas Tree

Instead of trying to get a real tree for the house, if space is limited, choose to get a tiny holiday tree which is usually made of plastic. These are ideal for decorating rooms with less square foot available. Also, such small fake trees can be decorated using extra small size ornaments and led strip or string light is more than enough to make the house provide a Christmas vibe to all.

Using colour

The ultimate way to make any small space feel festive is using colours as much as possible. For example, if a house has neutral colour aspect, adding vibrant colours like red and green will offer the festive look which your children and other family members will enjoy.

These are some of the chief approaches to decorate small spaces for Christmas which children, teenagers, adults will love. It will offer your home give off a festive vibe as you want. So, start decorating using these tips and see the exceptional end result yourself.

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