How to Decorate an Indian Rental Space

How to Decorate an Indian Rental Space?

According to statistics, over 30% of India’s population lives in a rented place due to working in a different state and several other reasons. Though it is not owned by the residents, they can surely decorate it their way to make that house a home. Hence, through this article, you will know about the different things you can do to embellish it make it your own and why not?

Painting the rooms

When it comes to decorating it doesn’t mean painting usually but no one says that when staying at a rental place, one can’t paint the walls. But…What we did was asked the owners to paint the home white and that is what we got to work with…A Clean Canvas. When you are working with white, the possibilities are endless and if you get stuck with anything that reeks of the poor yellow shades…worry not…We have got some tips and tricks coming shortly so that you can make the Indian Rental Space into a European one!

When it comes to Kids…They love and flourish when their room has vibrant colours and designs that aid their imaginative power. Hence, if staying at a place for even just a few years, it is worth the investment. You can do a lot when it comes to a kids space so take a look at some of those Pinterest board and get your head cracking but don’t go overboard on the stuff!

Hanging things on the wall

To transform a house into a home, people need to make it give off a personalized vibe. This can be done by hanging arts and crafts of kids or something personally created by the renters. From hanging such crafts done by the kid in school or a picture drawn to family photos, vacation pictures, and more assists in telling a story about the people who are residing in the rental place. This can also go a long way in making your rental kitchen look not so rental. Here is the video I loved watching while I am getting my kitchen done!


Hide what doesn’t go with your décor

When renting a place, there might be spaces which might be awkward to look at or simply doesn’t match the décor an individual has in mind. Hence, using curtains, fabrics, etc. one can hide such spaces efficiently and also add some texture and colour to that place. However, there are more ways to hide such spots.

For instance, if there is a cut out in a wall which connects living room and kitchen, one can simply use a chalkboard or a large painting to cover it and increase the aesthetic beauty of that space.

While I would usually avoid planters, The fake plants in the market are really amazing and add the right amount of green to your space so go ahead and use them!

Storage space creativity

One of the problems faced by renters in India is that there isn’t ample storage space available for people. Thus, it leads to chaos and unorganized way of living which is not aesthetically pleasing as well as doesn’t help in changing a house into a home. To avoid such a situation, people need to understand and purchase products that double as storage.

For example, opting for a sofa where clothes can be stored when the cushions are removed or getting a coffee table where you can put your kids’ toys after he/she finished playing with them. Getting an unused corner of the house and converting it into a storage space might be an ideal way to go at it

Using rugs

Another vital aspect, which one can follow, is to use rugs for the floor. It serves two purposes; one is to hide the ugly floor and second, to keep the toddlers as well as kids from getting hurt if they fall on the floor from sofa, table, ottoman, etc.

These are some of the ways through which you decorate your rental space in India. Just ensure informing about your decorating plans to the owners if required. So, start decorating and live in a place which you can call home!

I will be actually spilling the beans as to what I did to decorate my apartment in India to the T, so keep watching this space.

Keep on renting and decorating


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