How To Celebrate Valentine’s During COVID-19?

How To Celebrate Valentine’s During COVID-19?


If love can prevail in the time of Cholera, you can celebrate Valentine’s in the time of COVID-19. Let’s face it, the pandemic has been driving us to find different means of celebration, and Valentine’s Day 2021 will be no different. Here are some tips for those in love to celebrate Valentine’s Day during this pandemic.


How To Celebrate Valentine’s During COVID?


Set-up A Virtual Date

In a time of social distancing and travel restrictions, a virtual date is a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in quarantine. If you are separated from your special one for whatever reasons, don’t be disheartened. You can plan an online date, order from their favorite restaurant, share stories, and still have a romantic Valentine’s Day date. You can even design and create online cards or photo books, or videos showing your time together and making this day special. 

Show Your Love By Mailing Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts! And if they are pre-planned and delivered at your doorstep, then it just adds to the romance. So, find out what your special one’s interests are and get them something that makes this Valentine’s Day memorable. Try to get customized gifts as they show that you have made efforts to plan rather than pick something off the rack. No matter the size of the present or its worth, if it comes from the heart, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your beloved’s face.


Candle-light Dinner At Home

If you are among the lucky ones and can spend this Valentine’s Day with your partner, plan a romantic candle-light dinner at home. You can cook a special meal at home or order from out and set-up for a dreamy date. Take out those special plates, arrange the flowers, light up the house with candles, and feel in love. Here is an additional tip, keep your phone switched off to spend some quality time together with your loved one.


Check-Out Safe Trips

A Valentine’s Day get-away might rejuvenate you both, allowing you to spend time in each other’s company. Check-out safe camping trips, resorts, Airbnb homes, cruises, or any other happy place on your list. You can even make it a road trip or add a spa day to your itinerary to make it memorable. If you cannot make a holiday of it, don’t hassle, you can always plan a romantic picnic at the park. 


Create Something Together

Make Valentine’s Day 2021 a day about doing things together that bring your closer to each other, be it online or offline. You can check out some fun virtual classes such as cocktail making, photography, or something with shared interests. If you are together, consider creating something such as a photobook, or cook dinner, or explore your painting abilities. Plan creatively and enjoy a lovely day together.


We are living in what feels like unusual times. So, why not try and bring back some normalcy and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with new ideas. Hope the tips help you plan a perfect, romantic day with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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