Homeschooling with a Twist! 

Homeschooling with a Twist! 


When I became a new mom, all I ever wanted to do was to read with my kid, play with my kid, tell her stories and even homeschool her. Who knew that 5 years down the line, we would get a chance to do this? This chance was presented because we all are facing a pandemic and online school suddenly became a compulsion. What actually happened because of the online school is that we started understanding how teachers functioned and we were even given this rare chance to study our kids’ school life up close and personal. This presented many scenarios in front of us, one where we loved kids school and second was where we wondered if this is something that we would want our kids to continue or the third option was to Homeschool kids considering the current scenario and not opt in for a traditional school at all. Let us discuss all the options in detail in the blog.


We love the current school ONLINE/OFFLINE


When kids and parents both are happy with the current school, they like the timings, teachers and see that their kids are also performing well, it brings us immense joy and fulfillment. I have also realized that a good school also changes the home environment and makes it positive and enriching. So if you are one of those blessed parents then, It makes sense to stick to the current school and enjoy the benefits of the same. 


We do NOT love the current school ONLINE/OFFLINE


When you notice that your kid is not happy with the current online school we shall begin to wonder the reasons as to why they are not happy. Is it because they are just wanting an offline school or is it because they are really not happy with the teachers or they are lagging behind in school and not able to grasp it. It can also be due to other reasons including financial perverse and so on. This affects our kids and in turn, it affects us and harms the family setting. In this case, an advisable decision can be to change the kids’ school or then homeschool them. 




Right about 2016, I was actually considering homeschooling my kid without ever stepping into the world of traditional school. What we discovered was that there were homeschooling groups and meetups on a regular basis, homeschooling was a thing for many families and it required a lot of time investment from parents. What we loved the most was the part that… the world was the basis of the curriculum and we could choose our subjects and decide on what we wanted to do and study. There were no set rules and that is what scared me. Also being a full-time working parent did not help. This is the reason why we adopted a regular school and never looked back but what if we told you that…there is another option that combines the best of both worlds which are taking homeschooling to the next level? 


What is Homeschooling and is it Legal in India? 


According to RTI Act, 2009, every kid should be attending school, but if for any valid reason, parents choose not to, the government is not going to interfere. The only idea behind all this is schooling children and imparting education whether at home or at school. As far as the educational need of a kid is getting fulfilled, there is no issue with homeschooling as well. Indian government legally does not advocate homeschooling, but…if someone wishes to put his or her children through home teaching, the government would not interfere or act against them. I am sure this act is old and will be changed drastically in light of the current pandemic. 


Homeschooling with a twist with AOL School


What is AOL School? 


AOL School is the product of the great minds behind the successful online education portal, Always On Learning. AOL has extensive experience and expertise in education based on the most innovative teaching methods available today. Their mission is to create a worldwide learning community of diverse students, not bound by geography. AOL School, therefore, welcomes students from all over the world so they can receive complete benefits of an Online CBSE School In India with a CBSE accredited school education, without having to step out of their homes.


Blending the best of western and Indian teaching methodologies, AOL School provides your child with the best education by keeping the batch strength to a maximum of 25 students, AOL School ensures that your child gets the personal attention of expert educators with personalized lesson plans and course materials. The best part is that anyone can join AOL School, irrespective of which part of the world they live in.


What do they teach?


The subjects here include English, Maths, Languages, Robotics and Coding. They also have art and dance as a part of their curriculum. They offer interactive textbooks till grade 6 and they offer a variety of languages to choose as a 2nd /3rd language option like Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu & Marathi.


With an option to study from smartbooks and traditional books, AOL School makes learning a fun affair. The curriculum is covered with interactive activities such as group quizzes on alternate days to boost the collaborative capabilities of our students. AOL School ensures your child is taught only by the best minds. And that’s why Grade 6-12 classes are taught by IITians. Besides, with regular attendance and activity reports, and monthly PTM meetings, parents will always be in control of their child’s progress.


How do I enroll my kid? 


It’s a fairly simple and quick Enrollment Form that should do the needful and AOL school would be happy to take this further. 


Concluding the blog, I would like to say that AOL School is adding a new facet to the schooling world, and as a mother and a parent, I would like to explore the same. The fact that it’s a world school and people from various countries can study together is an exciting factor that would not have been possible years ago. Also, it comes from AOL which makes it credible and exciting at the same time. 


Keep on schooling…Home or Online

SuperMOM Mitali


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