Global Desis use Helo to Connect with their communities

As soon as you open the browser, what is the first thing that you do? Presumably, your left index finger moves upwards on the keyboard, towards the second button of the first row of letters, to type down ‘www’. The world wide web or in simpler terms, the Internet was launched on 6th August 1991 for the public, with an aim to create a connected world, full of opportunities and possibilities. Who thought, it would take only a little more than 2 decades to get to what we have today.  It would not have been possible without powerful technology products to connect the world.

While we believe that everything is connected with the internet today, there lies a major disconnect as well. It lies in the cities, the people, the societies next to yours. No, this disconnect is not because of a lack of facilities or amenities, but because of a greater barrier, i.e. language. A majority of the Indian population either does not understand or is reluctant to use English as their means to communicate. On the contrary, the Internet and social media are ruled by English as the primary language. The month of June 2018 marked the change is this trend with the launch of Helo India, a social networking platform created truly for Indians.

Unlike the mainstream social media platforms, the Helo app offered a wide assortment of regional languages to choose from, 14 to be precise, where English is none of the options. Although you can set English as your default language later, the content you will see on the feed will be in the regional languages only. The Helo Languages include:

  1. Hindi
  2. Telugu
  3. Tamil
  4. Malayalam
  5. Marathi
  6. Gujarati
  7. Oriya
  8. Bengali
  9. Kannada
  10. Punjabi
  11. Assamese
  12. Haryanvi
  13. Rajasthani
  14. Bhojpuri

This is how and why Helo became the #2 Top Free App of the Google Play store, with over 50 Million monthly active users. By removing the language barrier to express the true self, Helo created the strongest communities that are united by humanity, not caste or religion.

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For the Indians that live far away from home, Helo extends a connect with their family and relatives through its multi-lingual supported platform. One may download the Helo app from the Play Store in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Bangladesh, and still use the regional language to express and connect with people back home. This is how Helo connected the Global Desis with their people, without the language barrier and brought them closer.

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