Fashion tips for your BabyMoon

Planning a babymoon is one of the newest and the coolest and my personal favourite, once in a lifetime treasures of the 21st century. Now that I am almost in the middle of planning a Babymoon the first question that comes to my mind is …..What can I wear that will look good, fit me and even make a great Instagram pic? Solution- Check out the Fashion boards/Tips that we have sited down for you! 

What to wear on the plane is the most important question that each and every one of us faces…. be it when we are pregnant or not but now that we have to take some extra care during these important times the following board will help you plan a comfortable journey. 

Now that we have sorted some of the flight essentials, time to sort the Travel Essentials. While these are the most basic ones do not forget some of the important medicines, supplements and skincare/makeup that you cant function without! 

Now depending on what kind of a vacation you are planning the following board will help you sort out your vacation and make you look extra special for those great Instagram pics! 

Hope these fashion boards have you sorted in terms of planning the Babymoon and you are kind of looking forward to the extra special time with your husband before the little monster/angel arrives. 

Keep on Travelling.


SuperMOM Mitali