Counselling for Parents – A must in todays day and age.

When I was studying Psychology, I had seldom wondered if I would be at the receiving end of the counseling! But..When I became a Parent I really thought that I am someone who really needs it. This is because we are oftentimes in a nuclear family setup where we are shouldering too many responsibilities like Kitchen, House, Work, Family, Spouse, and things come falling down drastically when a kid gets added to the picture and hence for parents or even parents-to-be counseling can be a boon. I am not afraid to tell you that I have been through counseling and I really advocate the same. So let’s go ahead and talk about Counselling and why & when Parents really need the same. 


Planning a Child

In today’s world when Women & Men are career-oriented and want to get a child in the picture things can change drastically. You will have to cut down on those late-night parties, travel plans can be hampered, either one of the spouses will have to assume additional responsibilities and may even have to take a break from a strenuous job and this can mean a lot of stress. Just talking to family and friends puts us in a judgemental position and this is true for us and them hence taking a third opinion can be a great way to feel relaxed. In these pandemic times, I am sure that we have to be extremely careful and hence parental counseling online can be a great way to sort things out! 


Child starts school 

When a child starts school, any parent feels happy and elated, we get to meet new kids who are of the same age as our kid and even we make new friends. The whole process is amazing just till the point where homework, assignments, and projects get added in the picture, and from then on… only a mother or only a father can’t be expected to shoulder the responsibilities. This creates fiction and if a child happens to be facing any kind of learning difficulties, parental counseling is the best way to take things forward and plan ahead. 


When kids are in their Pre Teen days

Pre-teens can be extremely difficult to handle as they are just forming their personality, they are confused and draw a lot of behavioral traits from their peers and friends. Things like arguments, backtalk, temper issues, and tantrums come into the picture. Kids can also be stressed due to their increasing number of assignments at school or can be bullied or made fun of at school. These are various factors that contribute to a troubled childhood and this can mean emotional stress for both the parents as well. One of these reasons was true for my daughter and counseling for parents resolved most of the issues and I was able to really change my outlook towards her and that helped. 


When kids are turning teens 

The teenage years are one of the most challenging phases for both teens and their parents. Teens usually start to face a lot of new pressures and can sometimes react in not-so-healthy ways when they encounter a problem. 


Some struggles teenagers face are a normal part of growing up, like experimenting with new ideas, dealing with peer groups, and going through changes in identity, interests, and moods. It is always important for parents and guardians to exercise a great deal of patience when dealing with them to help them to open up and say the problems they are having. There are some instances when the parents or guardians are needed in counseling the teenager. There are some teenagers that have a problem as a result of what’s happening to them at home. 

                            Teens and parents may need counseling in order to cope with these problems and take the right approach to solve them. Parents must always be on the lookout and know the signs they need to look out for and how they can find the right counselor for their teenage children


Failure is a stepping stone to success

While we have failed at many things and even digested our failures and learned many lessons from them each generation has a different way of looking at failure and sometimes kids may not be able to digest this setback and we as parents may unknowingly aid in making their life difficult by comparing them with other kids or siblings. Research on growth mindsets and education shows that students’ varying achievement has to do with them having different goals. Namely, students with a growth mindset seek out challenges essentially to build up their academic muscles and in turn become a professional or entrepreneur. This is a crucial time when it becomes paramount to seek counseling. 


Where can I find the right counselor? 


I CAN ACCOMPLISH is one of India’s finest online guidance and counselor agencies targeted towards the mental health of students as well as children with special needs. There is a severe lack of online counseling sessions for students in India, especially for students and children with special needs.

No longer do you need to travel far just to address a problem in your child’s education? They bring a child counselor to you instead. With their demo free counseling session, you can decide which plans suit your child the most. Their certified child psychologists and counselors offer counseling sessions on improving a child’s tolerance, attention, logical reasoning, and confidence. You can also avail yourself of modules that teach how to introduce a child to a multisensory learning approach through visual tools.

Check the PLANS here 


What is ‘I Can Accomplish’? 

I CAN ACCOMPLISH helps your child develop by facilitating inclusive and integrated education with the help of a dynamic team of mental health professionals, Counsellors, and Special Educators who come with an amalgamation of knowledge and make use of varied teaching modalities to help children meet their unique needs.

At, I CAN ACCOMPLISH, they analyze and gauge the exact needs of the students and provide Individual free child counseling Sessions, parenting counseling, Remedial Sessions, and Parent-Child Counselling Sessions parent counseling on a virtual platform, and also a counselor for school. They believe in equality and so embrace and appreciate the uniqueness of all children, which is why, apart from SEN students, they also cater to students dealing with emotional concerns keeping in mind the ever-changing physical, psychological and environmental factors in today’s world.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk to a counselor for the better emotional and mental well-being of everyone in our family. 


Keep on working on yourself


SuperMOM Mitali


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