In conversation with: Tejal Kanwar

I came across Kleinetics around 2016 and always wanted to see my daughter in sports. I found it super amazing and wanted to know what is it and who invented it. It so happened that it was someone whom I knew and had heard great deal about. It was great when I got connected to Dr Tejal Kanwar who spoke with so much love and appreciation for sports and how she could shape the athletes of tomorrow. Read on to know more….

So Tejal tell us something about Your Childhood?
I was born in Surat but grew up in Mumbai and I grew up in a very happy family of doctors, where starting from my grandfather everyone was basically a doctor my parents were doctors as well.

“Everything was so hunky dory that i used to think that my family was the most forward-thinking family in the whole world “

Education was given the top priority in our family and thus we are a highly educated bunch with CAs, Doctors of course and you know 90% of my cousins are doing really well in the USA, some are at a high position in an international company or they have their own business units.

How did you choose to become a Gynecologist?
I really liked science and subjects like biology peaked my interests whereas Maths was the enemy so i chose Medical and that was the obvious choice as

“My grandfather was extremely successful. We grew up discussing health, nutrition and fitness at the dinner table.”

I did my MBBS and topped the university post which I was a resident doctor at KEM hospital where 30-40 deliveries per day were the usual number. We learnt a lot there and some days even went without sleep for around 48 hours. After this, I was a lecturer at Somaiya Medical College for a really long time.

Did things change post marriage and kids?
“Not really…I was really blessed to have really supportive In Laws, My Mother In Law used to pack my tiffin for 9 straight years post marriage”

and thus I was able to balance my professional life and even became a honorary at the Somaiya Hospital. After this, with my kids, I did have to slow down a bit but I continued to work as a part time professional with Joy Hospital in Chembur and as my kids grew up, I took up a full-time role there.

What sparked the entrepreneur in you?
After Joy, I decided to join Apollo Spectre as it was really hop, skip and jump from my residence and here I saw many young girls and teens face a lot of problems with periods, PCOS and PCOD and this moved my practise from surgeries and deliveries to specializing in teenage problems.

“I was really saddened and surprised to see these young gals to go through all these problems at a young age and this mostly happened because of lack of knowledge, proper diet, almost no exercise and yes…too much stress and tension.”

This really made me think, if kids were taught how their bodies worked and their body and mind was related. During the same time, my son had joined a football class and could not use his core strength because he was not taught how to. This made me think…is there nothing for kids in today’s day and age in terms of exercise?

How did Kleinetics happen and what an interesting name!
So after a lot of research, we found out that there was really nothing substantial in terms of exercise as a form/activity for kids. We then researched and spoke to a lot of experts like Dr Nikhil Iyer who is a arthroscopic surgeon and Dr Rakesh Nair who is a knee surgeon in Mumbai and they guided us with many books, research and study materials as to how exercise can help set developmental milestones for kids.

“The name just came to us. Klein means small in german and Kinetics means the science of movement so we infused it to become Kleinetics.”

What is Kleinetics and what can we expect out of the same?
Kleinetics replicates functional movement, functional movements are those movements we use to get things done in our daily lives. It targets Multi-joint movements using groups of muscles in multiple planes .This trains the body to be able to perform effectively in real life situations, including sports. Here we target balance, motor movements, hand-eye coordination, speed and strength. The best part is our trainers give personal attention to each and every person, the intensity increases with each session like a challenge and our drills and exercises are gamified. We have 3 levels that Level 1, 2 and 3 in which every child progresses as he/she learns.

“Parents can expect a holistic development in a child after joining the programme but not overnight results. Kleinetics makes the child confident, deals with bullied children, tackles childhood obesity and is a fun way to remain fit.”

What about kids who don’t play a sport but want to move in that direction?
We are slowly beginning to train Athletes at a National level and kids who are not playing a sport come to us and they not only develop an interest in sports but also gain confidence, self esteem, it boosts their memory and helps them to perform better in academics. We also help kids with special needs who have the mild attention span or high energy tackle their life. Kids with the right guidance will move in the direction of sports but everything depends on them at the end.

What do you think about kids wanting to be sportsmen/women?
This is entirely their choice and yes an excellent one. But we suggest that people before finalising on a sport play 2/3 types of sports one which is an individual sport and one a team sport.

“The team sport will teach a kid life lessons and individual sport agility and quick thinking both life skills forming a golden base for their personality.”

Like my son plays Soccer which is a team sport and Squash which is an individual sport also my daughter has benefitted tremendously by a fitness regime in her sport, dance and academics.

Kids wanting to be sportsmen/women will definitely be attached to bodies supporting the sport on a national level by Kleinetics that has been our lookout for sure!

Any message for the moms and dads who are our readers?
“The special message for parents is ‘Fitness needs awareness’ be aware of your kids needs and everything will fall in place.”

Now the other day Ronaldo did a bicycle kick and everyone was talking about it but that has needed years and years of physical fitness and its not a showoff stunt or something that he could just do. So the basis for everything is being fit!

I hope you all gearing up for your kids to be fit and have enjoyed reading this article as much as we have enjoyed penning it down.

Keep on reading and rocking

SuperMOM Mitali