Best Birth Control Measures That You As A Woman Can Take

Best Birth Control Measures That You As A Woman Can Take

We moms know what having a baby entails but we also know that family planning is an integral part of every responsible couple’s life. Knowing about birth control measures is a must for every woman. There are several birth control methods out there, but not all women are entirely aware of their use and effectiveness. Let’s talk about a few effective contraception measures that you can consider to avoid getting pregnant. 


Effective Birth Control Methods…

Use A Condom

Condoms are perhaps the most commonly used birth control measure. If you want to avoid pregnancy, ladies put the rubber pouch on the penis before sex. Condoms are not only useful to prevent pregnancy, but they also save you from STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), making it one of the best birth control measures for women. It’s non-invasive, practically value for money and what can I say?


IUD or Copper-T

IUD is an Intrauterine Device that can be of two types- one made of copper or Copper T and the other which is hormonal. IUD is a long-term measure for avoiding pregnancy but don’t worry; it can be reversed. Basically, IUD is a tiny device that is inserted into your uterus. As a person who just got it done, I can say it’s safe and really simple. 

                      Copper-T changes the way sperms move and keep them away from the egg as sperms react to copper. A hormonal IUD can either thicken the mucus around your cervix to block the sperm or prevent the egg from leaving your ovaries. Either way, IUDs don’t let the sperm meet the egg, thus, effectively stopping you from getting pregnant. 


Birth Control Pills

Another commonly used contraceptive method is the using birth control pills. These pills contain hormones that stop ovulation, so there is no egg to mate with the sperms. Also, they create a thick mucus around the cervix, which prevents the sperms from penetrating and reaching the egg.

Birth control pills need to be consumed every day at a scheduled time. So, you can set a reminder on your phone to ensure you take the pills on time. You can also keep the pills somewhere handy, so you remember to consume them. This is kind of tricky because if you forget to take a pill then it can be a problem and they are not good to be consumed in the long term. 


Maintain A Fertility Calendar

If you want to have unprotected sex and yet avoid pregnancy, you can start by tracking your periods. Your ovulation generally occurs 12 to 14 days after the last day of your period. That is the time you need to avoid any unprotected sex as chances of pregnancy are high. 

Once the egg is released during ovulation, it can stay in your fallopian tube for up to 24 hours, whereas sperms can remain for up to five days. This means you can have unprotected sex around a week before ovulation and two days after ovulation to avoid getting pregnant. However, before trying this method, make sure you track at least 6 cycles to be sure of your ovulation dates.


These are just a few of the many safe and effective ways to avoid a pregnancy. If you are unsure about the best birth control method, check with your doctor for advice. You can also try these methods before deciding on what works for you. And if you do have sex without these measures in place, don’t forget the emergency morning-after pill.

Keep on being safe.

SuperMOM Mitali

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