Afterbirth: Guidelines For Healing Up Down There

Afterbirth: Guidelines For Healing Up Down There

While pregnancy can be a fun time for most, your recovery post-normal delivery may not be. Your baby has managed to squeeze out of a tiny hole, and your vagina will feel sore, painful, and even raw. Your postpartum recovery timeline depends on how much you have suffered while pushing the baby and the weight of your little one. 

So, if you have faced less trauma while pushing, you are likely to recover quicker than if you have a 2nd or 3rd-degree tear. I have prepared some guidelines, a few of which I have followed, to help you in your afterbirth healing process.


Guidelines For Healing Postpartum

  • Use icepacks on your perineum or any other swollen areas down there. Icepacks have a soothing effect and can help bring the swelling down faster. You might need this more in the first week post your delivery.
  • Avoid constipation, so you don’t put too much pressure down there as everything is close to each other. Pressure can undo your stitches and can often be painful. So, eat fiber, prunes, or if necessary, use stool softeners, so you don’t have to be terrified of pooping. 
  • Clean down there with warm water, especially during or after peeing, to dilute your urine and avoid any burning or painful sensations. It can also help you avoid infections.
  • Don’t sit for too long, as it will only add more pressure on your vaginal area. You can use the doughnut pillow for sitting, or just try and lay down as much as possible till everything heals.
  • Ask your doctor for medicines if the pain is too much to bear or if you have a higher degree of tear. You have already pushed out that baby; you don’t need to be a superwoman anymore!


Things To Avoid

  • You need a minimum of six weeks to heal, so ensure that nothing goes inside your vagina for that period. Not even tampons!
  • Don’t lift anything too heavy, don’t bend, squat, or do anything that puts pressure on the perineum. Wait till everything has healed before your start jumping around.
  • Avoid heating pads on your swollen areas, as that will only aggravate the inflammation. You can use those on your lower backs if needed.


When To See Your Gynac?

Most new mommies can be confused about what is going on down there. You might feel the need to frequently check-in with your doctor and get more postpartum recovery tips. But you don’t need your gynac unless your pain refuses to subside, you have a fever, foul-smelling discharge, increased inflammation, or other signs of an infection. Also, if you are bleeding profusely or if your bleeding continues beyond 8-9 weeks, go see your gynac. 


Final Words

The first few weeks post your delivery might seem never-ending. But trust me, your vagina will eventually find its way back to normalcy. Remember, you have fought a battle and now is your reclamation phase. So, have patience, give yourself time, and love yourself and give a tight squeeze to that doughnut pillow.

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