A family that paints together, stays together

The family that paints together, stays together

I was always a big fan of art and whenever I came across a painting or a really nice DIY, my eyes would light up and I would want to do the exact same thing myself. I came across Camlin products when I was in school. These products helped me draw, paint and even put together simple craft objects and have been my partner in art since I was a small kid! Today, I am so happy to experience the same feeling all over again with my daughter Renny, who has always been artistically inclined and has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was a small kid. Now that she is 5 years old, she is even learning how to draw and paint at school and that is what makes it really exciting.

Renny loves painting sceneries that catch her attention from the cartoons and shows she watches. Another favourite pastime is drawing her family – she draws her parents and her younger baby sister as well as our dogs. She is so enthusiastic about drawing that we save them by recording it on our mobile phones. Her favourite Camlin products to recreate these magical moments are Camlin Colour Pencils, Camlin Wax Crayons, and she is slowly learning how to paint using Camlin Poster Colours. In fact, during her vacations, she will be learning how to paint and we shall be doing a small pet project at home to pass the days without school with ease. It’s such a cool project that I must share it with everyone. It’s known as

‘Colour Colour which colour?’

You will need:

  • Camlin Poster Colours
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Painting Brushes
  • White Paper

Method- Ask your kid to take a dollop of colour of her choice (Anything except Black or White) and spread it on a white paper using a brush. Use a little bit of water to spread it evenly. Then use a fresh brush to take a dollop of another colour and mix to see the magic.

This is a great sensory activity for your kid and will keep him/her engaged for a long time.

Talking about the great effects of art is that it is a great experience for my daughter to paint and it is something that acts like an expression of art so she always feels happy after the art session and also these kids have a smaller attention span and hence drawing or painting helps them increase their attention window making them able to concentrate in studies.

I also would want to elaborate a bit on this creative process. As it has been established that painting can play the role of therapy for a child who might be feeling different emotions; whether these feelings are subtle or extreme in nature. In addition to communication, painting can help children feel better about things that they may have bottled up inside. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that painting provides you and your children a great platform to bond and spend valuable time together helping you to easily teach or convey your thoughts. To tell you frankly I am not a great artist or a painter but painting is something that has helped me get in touch with my inner child and relieved all my stress as well.

Having said all these things, we have made drawing, colouring and painting our vacation mantra and my daughter swears by it so much so that she asks me for her painting homework during her vacation and enjoys it. This keeps her busy for hours and hours and helps me quickly finish all my assignments. I think this will form a special bond between my daughters (Now that the smaller one will also join the painting bandwagon soon) and this will definitely keep us sorted in the long run together.



Keep on painting!

SuperMOM Mitali