8 Days/ 8 Women/ 8 Journeys – Happy Womans Day

We begin 8 8 8 as a sign of respect and gratitude to all the women…who believed in themselves and knowingly or unknowingly have paved a way for the newer generation to make a mark. Featuring the first woman who believed in herself and started her own label for pregnant and breastfeeding moms is…


Shradha Sud  

One fine day just after finding out that I am expecting, I get a call from Shradha and I scream with excitement that you know what…I am expecting my second baby…Shradha smiles and a bunch of clothes arrive the next day…In spite of being a pregnant mommy, all the clothes fit so well that I have treasured them till date and you know what…They still fit me well.

Shradha studied law and was influenced by someone who was a lawyer when she was very young, she obviously didn’t know much about the corporate law but maintains that…”We see things on TV and somethings influence you making a lasting impression and law was one such thing. I studied law and then got carried away with corporate law and banking law for 13 years…

On asking her if she has any tips for women who want to get into law…she says…’Its one of the best professions in the world because it teaches you…So many ways to help people…you can fight for someone you can take up pro bono cases and help people.” 

Shradha also told us that it is a Very demanding job because you have to study and learning all the time, India is a young county and laws change all the time. Shradha believes that every pregnant woman should be proud instead of feeling bloated, fat and abnormal and we as a society should have pride and respect for pregnant women. Shradha states that “Every woman should look and feel great when you are pregnant. t’s about Fashion and Respect for women. Clothes put a big impact on your mood and thus every pregnant woman must have a pregnancy wardrobe which is fashionable and classy and makes her look beautiful. It’s actually the mentality of people and society that shows through the clothes…


Keep on watching this space to know who the next 7 women are…

Meira Asrani

Featuring our second women entrepreneur/mompreneur to the campaign which goes by the name of 8/8/8 and her story is something which brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Miera Asrani take a bow….we love you and you deserve it…

Miera says….”I became a chef at the age of 33 and it lead me to watch my 4-year-old son (then) use a mixer and create magic.
This, in turn, got me thinking how no one has the patience and the inclination to teach KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Mostly because if the mess they make.
I combined the 2 things I love the most…BAKING + KIDS = LITTLE STIRS BY MIERA was born Littlestirsbymiera
Today, I hold pride in having trained more than 1600 kids, conducted 100 + Baking Birthday parties and having worked with many esteemed schools such as Mount Litera, Next, Green Acres and many more…”

Harpreeth Suri

Featuring our third women to the campaign…She goes by the name of Harpreeth Devyal Suri and adds a starry touch yo to 8/8/8 an ode to all the women occasion of #Internationalwomensday.

Harpreeth is also a huge influence to all my fellow mommies and is a Mirco Blogger/Influencer at Mom Wears Prada and is known for some fab events she hosts.

What I love about Harpreeth is that she listens without judgment, speaks without prejudice, helps without entitlement, understands without being pretentious & loves without conditions …

Harpreeth Devyal Suri is nothing less than a star and we absolutely adore & love you.


Featuring our 4th Woman Entrepreneur who worked in the design industry and did something that she found to be missing in the same…Out of it, her own brand was born and I have to say being someone who loves wearing Indian and Fusion attire I think they are doing a fab job FabNest. This lady is none other than Aditi Swarup Jain

Aditi says… “Whenever we stepped into the malls, we saw good quality at high prices; bad quality at low prices or….. bad quality at high prices… but we didn’t find good quality at reasonable price, especially in Indian brands. So we wanted to establish a homegrown brand with the same motto.
FABNEST will be 2 years old in May. It was started with a vision to promote ‘style at a good price’. We aim at providing good quality stylish garments at a reasonable rate.”

When Aditi decided to start FabNest she had two challenges…Financial responsibility and the responsibility of her twin girls. She could only fulfill it because her parents and in-laws decided to support.

So we think that behind every Woman Entrepreneur is her family and most importantly her husband.


We are really happy to announce the 5th MomPreneur who is none other than the beautifu lNidhi Puranik

Nidhi maintains that…”I am a fitness ambassador, Corporate Trainer, Emcee, and Mrs. India 2017 finalist. I believe in living life to the fullest. I have a very loving and supportive husband and a cute little daughter. We are more like friends to each other.”

Nidhi says that today’s lifestyle worries her and wishes to do something about it…”I want to broaden my client base and reach out to more corporates for my fitness programs. The sedentary lifestyle of today’s corporate executive is really worrisome and I genuinely believe that something needs to be done for their 360-degree fitness.”


Featuring the 6th Mompreneur/Woman Entrepreneur for our 8/8/8 series Vandana Shinghal who created a brand
Footprints Forever out of a crafters’ pursuit to innovate, and create products that represent, Vandana’s love for beauty and creating beautiful homes and what I love respect and adore about her is that she has an all women team working with her.

Vandana maintains that “This home décor brand is designed around gifting ideas especially for house warming, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate giveaways”

During her growing years, Vandana spent time, in her grandfather’s furniture workshop and always looked up to him for his sense of design and creativity. He was known for functional yet artistic pieces, and she brings the same elegance to her work.

As she progressed from a home run business to a more professional one, she realized that product innovation holds the key to growth. Vandana boasts of a global clientele and she likes the fact that people love buying from her, especially when they travel abroad because her products depict India in the true sense.

In a nutshell, Footprints Forever is a truly Indian brand not only conceptually but also the way it’s manufactured. It’s a true representation of ‘Made in India’ and of creating a ‘Global Footprint’!

The 7th Woman to be featured was…


Champa is an architect, holistic designer, and a painter. She believes that her true calling is in creating art and aesthetic spaces for emotional well being. Champa integrates principles of art, nature and colour therapy into her interior solutions, to create healing and positive auras. Her unique designs seamlessly fuse the structural aspects of architecture with the fluidity and spontaneity of art; her eclectic styles are strongly influenced through extensive travel. Champa believes that people should not be stereotyped; each individual evolves uniquely, and is a product of their life experiences and personality. She seeks to express that uniqueness in the personalised spaces that she designs for her clients – so no two spaces can be the same.

She works from home and she has tried to maintain her work-life balance by taking up only a handful of projects at a time. Her work can be viewed at : http://www.champa-art.com/

Fidan Duman

And the 8th Mompreneur for our 8/8/8 campaign was Fidan Duman…..She was born in İzmir on 1984 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) Construction Management Master Program as “M.Sc. Civil Engineer”. I continue to work on my profession and additionally on my personal blog, web site, brand and registration products. I’m married and have 2 children. In fact, my story started after I became a mother.

Because of these problems, I founded “My Life My Kids” mobile application in India in 2018 to help overcome all of these problems and also to help other parents in the world. I am sure that after the birth of your child, you have experienced similar problems. Perhaps you have asked for help, maybe you felt desperate, perhaps you want to ask someone for something about yourself and your baby/child, but you are limited to just your surrounding area or maybe even embarrassed to ask. Maybe you are a member of various groups and platforms across social media trying to gather information or you wish to share your knowledge. These platforms could only help you on your own and in your country. But with my mobile application (My Life My Kids) you can communicate not only with mothers/parents in your area but with all mothers/parents worldwide. With this application, if you want to go to the poles, to the equator, east or west, you can go and ask them all of your questions … Do not forget, you are the master, you are the one who will draw the border in the world. All over the world parents are waiting for you and your questions, and of course, they want to ask and learn from you as well. You can download My Life My Kids from Google Play and Apple Store to start to enjoy parenting.

We Really love and adore all these women and would like to give them a salute for being this great on this Mothers Day.

Keep on Rocking

SuperMOM Mitali