5 Minimalistic Planters That Can Effectively Decorate Your House

5 Minimalistic Planters That Can Effectively Decorate Your House


Indoor plants are a must addition to the home interiors if you are inclined to create an eclectic blend of nature with recent minimalist trend. The spirit of minimalism is maintained when there are little scopes of experiment for a house to make. Or it has imitations like the presence of kids who are still at their tender age. But since these planters are soothing to your senses, they are worth keeping inside the house. With these plants inside the premises of your residence, one can bask in the affirmative and calming energy present in the ambience.

5 minimalist planters that can be a stylish addition to your homes

Given below are five plantation ideas that can be a prudent inclusion for imparting a modish look to your home interiors. These plants are not of high maintenance and require primary caregiving. For house makers who are already pre-occupied with kids or pets find it challenging to maintain planters even though they are aware of its benefits. So here is a list of five minimalist plant ideas for your home.

  • Herbs

These plants are incredibly petite in appearance and render an adorable look to your space. There are different types of herbs that grow and flexes indoors if they are provided with an ideal situation. The kinds are mostly Rosemary, thyme, lemon Balm, etc.

Plants like herbs require exposure to intense lights, and irregular watering when the soil dries up. However, you have to make sure that extra water is adequately drained to avoid creeping of pest. Sophisticated ornamentation to your tabletops, these plants bring a significant influx of unpolluted air inside.

  • Succulent plants –

Comes in a great variety of hues, these plants are a perfect choice for household who prefers little variation with items and yet urges for an elegant style. Since these plants retain water, it does not require the frequent need for watering by the owners of the house.

  • Banana plant/strelitzia Nicola

Tired of your ample boring space? Fill up with this tall indoor houseplant that can both use up of your vacant area and impart a stylish look.

  • Benjamina –

Known for providing cooling and moist feeling inside the room, these plants are an excellent choice for scorching summers. Water it regularly to see it grow and form a thick canopy.

  • Palms –

Adorning the space with its big green leaves. This plant can accentuate the appearance of any space with its vibrant green colour. Give your home a tropical feel with these plants, but make sure you buy only those who have large leaves as it produces more oxygen.

Benefits of houseplants inside a home with kids and pets

According to a survey, home plants bring all several benefits for the dwellers and especially for the kids.

  • Elevated mood and enhances positive energy.
  • Purifies indoors by absorbing harmful toxins present inside the room
  • Produces oxygen inside the space.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue with its soothing hues.
  • Brings life to the dull and morbid living area.

Indoor plants are a great choice when it comes to decoration. It renders a fresh look to a space bringing in a bit of nature inside the house with a feeling of fresh energy and joy. Apart from playing the role of great accessories for the home, these plants re a great source of purified air for homes with kids and pets.

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