3 Ideas to Get the Right Assistance from Your Domestic Help

3 Ideas to Get the Right Assistance from Your Domestic Help

‘Latika, ask the kids to keep their clothes in the drawer when they come back.’

You instructed your domestic help in the morning. However, you come back and see the clothes are still strewn around the house.

Let’s face it; mommies face the toughest time sorting out roles and responsibilities with their domestic help. Also, they often end up charging their domestic help for not following their instructions.

Do you see what’s wrong here? Guess it!

“Well, the issue here is that it was a one-sided directive while the task had to be completed by two sides. One is your domestic help who has to ask your kids what they had to do; two, the kids who had to follow those.

While this is one instance, similar incidents happen every day, whereby, we judge our domestic help and nannies instead of fairly evaluating the situation.”

Let’s check out a few ideas that would bring all you moms and moms-to-be the right assistance from your home help. You may also share it with those stressed-out mommy-friends of yours who are unable to figure out how to go forward with it day in day out.

Defining & clearing out responsibilities

When you hire domestic help for everyday aid, you set the responsibilities he/she has to carry out. However, your task doesn’t end here in clearing out everything. They need to interact with your kids too at one point or the other.

What if the loose end of finding the right assistance comes from your kids? Quite possible, isn’t it?

Thus, make sure you make it clear to your kids how they need to cooperate so that your house help can give the best assistance.

Building a trustworthy relationship

Often, it so happens that mothers do not put enough trust and lack confidence in their domestic help when it comes to relying on to take care of their kids.

In such cases, even if the domestic help is giving her/his services dedicatedly, it wouldn’t be enough because of the mommy’s doubts.

You need to build a relationship of trust by working out tasks together like feeding your child. Hand it over entirely once the trust and confidence are built on both sides. Do not do the work assigned to the help yourself because then there is really no point of keeping them.

“You may keep a CCTV camera at home but avoid it as much as you can and see if the help is proper from your kids’ reaction.”

Establishing your domestic help’s authority

Once you have built trust and bonded with your domestic help, the best way to make her/him assist you better is to establish his/her authority.

Kids can often get stubborn, and not follow what’s asked to. So, you must also communicate what you need them to follow. If you want certain behavioural changes in your kid, you must also convey it to your domestic help.

Are you ready to make things work out and get the best domestic help assistance with kids around? Remember, it’s always two-way!

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