10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leaving My Corporate Job

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Leaving My Corporate Job

I was in the media industry from 2007 to 2017, That’s one decade of hardcore work, creativity, job changes, increments and hustle. Did I like working? Yes and No. The corporate world is a very attractive one, with paycheques, socialising and more. We go out and meet people and crack ideas and get it done. It slowly becomes a way of life. So, when I decided to quit my job and start something new, the prospect, although scary and exciting and was too lucrative to refuse. But it wasn’t all happy and gay,  In the beginning. I learned several things about my shortcomings after I quit, which I wish I had known before leaving my corporate job. Here is a list, so you don’t repeat my mistakes.


  • How To Make Money?

Like me, if you have known money-making only by working for a corporate, then allow me to give you a reality check- We don’t know how to make money outside of that world. It took me a while to be patient and teach myself new ways to earn while focusing on what I really wanted to do. So, my suggestion is before you quit your corporate job, learn a few skills that may come in handy in making the moolah while you set up a business.


  • The True Meaning Of Failure

You may have faced glitches in your corporate work life, but believe me, you haven’t tasted actual failure yet. Failure is when you start a business and fall down hard on your face because you didn’t pre-empt how tough it would be. So, prepare yourself for failure unlike ever before and be ready to start anew every time you crash. 


  • Forming Networks Wasn’t Always Easy

Socialising with your office colleagues isn’t really networking. When you want your business to flourish, you need to meet the right people who can support you. Networking isn’t as simple as dialling a number and getting a positive response. I had to pick up the phone and speak to many before getting my first client. It is much easier to build networks while still having a job and credibility than after you quit.


  • I Would Miss Those Paycheques

Fulfilling your dreams is great, but when you don’t know when the next payment will come in can dampen your spirits. I certainly did not foresee this when I quit my corporate job. Paycheques, being a monthly cycle, you can plan your life more efficiently and with fewer worries. Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy boat to sail when it comes to the initial days of struggle, especially financially. So, save up before you take the plunge.


  • Spreading The Word About Me

You might be the best there is in your field, but no one will wake up one day and know who you are. Spreading the word about yourself is crucial when turning the entrepreneurial leaf. Knowing a bit about social media and how digital marketing works can help you a great deal. You have to be seen again and again to be noticed.


  • I Had To Discipline Myself

It’s important to discipline yourself to keep at your new goal. I understood this a little late. But when I started blogging, I had to make sure that I wrote religiously every day without worrying about how good or bad it was. When you keep working towards your goal in a disciplined manner, you don’t allow doubt to linger around and perform much better.


  • I Needed Multiple Income Sources

Do not depend on a single income source when you quit your job; you don’t know when that source will fizz out. Spreading your financial risk is an excellent way to ensure that at the end of the month, your bank balance won’t fail you. So look at multiple projects, clients, and other sources to unburden yourself from financial uncertainties.   


  • I Would Have To Keep A Tab On My Expenses

Don’t repeat my mistakes. Keep a tab on your expenses. Once you quit your job, you need to plan to sustain your life and be successful by avoiding unnecessary costs. Think where the money needs to be spent, evaluate your options carefully, and make the right call. Your relationship with your money can go a long way in helping achieve your entrepreneurial dream.


  • My Success Story Would Be A Struggle

Lucky are those whose dreams come true overnight, but for me, this was definitely not the case. I thought if I had it all planned out, things wouldn’t go wrong, and I would be able to launch my blog and grow it within months. Little did I know how much work would go into it. Yes, my success story was a struggle but one that I am glad to have gone through. 


  • Quitting Sounds Easier Than Doing

‘Quitting’ and ‘Starting New’ are two terms that can bring anxiety and nervous excitement to many. I will confess that I went back and forth on quitting my corporate job because I was unsure and lacked confidence. I had to reason it out with myself on what my chances were and how I could always trace my steps back to a corporate job if things didn’t work out. Luckily, I have done well thus far and hope you do too. 

Keep on rocking.


SuperMOM Mitali

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