10 Green Parenting Tips to Raise Your Baby In An Eco-Friendly Environment

10 Green Parenting Tips to Raise Your Baby In An Eco-Friendly Environment


We live in a world that is getting polluted with each day that passes. The landfills, streets, and even the very air we breathe is littered with harmful substances. What’s more? The products we use have enough toxins to harm us more than helping us. Raising a baby, who is quite vulnerable to these things, is a scary and arduous task. And if you are environmentally and health-conscious, you may be wondering if there is a way for an eco-friendly baby upbringing.


Well, we have ten eco parenting tips that will help you raise your baby in an eco-friendly manner.


Breastfeed as much as you can

 One of the various eco-friendly ways you can feed your child is via breastfeeding. Not only are you guarding your child against toxins and contributing to a greener world, but you are also providing your child the very best. Studies have shown that breast milk protects infants against diseases and keeps them healthy.


Opt for reusable diapers. 

Environmentally speaking, a baby produces a lot of non-biodegradable waste through their disposable nappy pads. More often than not, these nappies are made of plastic, which takes a long time to degrade. Moreover, they give your baby rashes when used for an extended period. Save the environment and your child from harm by opting for reusable cloth diapers instead. Companies like Bdiapers are selling eco-friendly cloth diaper covers with nappy pads that protect your baby from rashes.


Cook baby food from scratch.

While breast milk is the best thing one could feed one’s kid, some new mothers may not have enough due to many factors. However, you can still indulge in sustainable parenting by cooking baby food by yourself. While packaged and processed food is convenient, it is harmful to your child and the environment. The energy spent, and the amount of waste during baby food manufacture is no joke. Moreover, you have no control over what your baby eats. New mom’s can easily avoid this with simple home made dishes for their little ones.


Something borrowed.

You may be tempted to splurge on your baby and buy a brand new baby’s corner. However, the first rule of eco friendly parenting is to choose second-hand products. Kids grow up faster and a baby, more quickly. As such, many parents you know may have baby things that are in good condition and perfect for your tiny tot. You may have some with yourself if you have an older child. By borrowing or lending baby things, you are doing your bit towards reducing plastic wastage.

Get eco-friendly baby products.

If you are investing in Eco Friendly Diapers, why not take it a step forward and get eco baby products, as well? A lot of shampoos, soap, and powders meant for babies in the market have harmful chemicals in them. Protect your baby’s skin and practice green parenting by choosing eco-friendly products.

Laundry – the eco way

Tumble drying your laundry consumes a lot of electricity. This affects you economically and contributes to the world’s alarming energy use rates. Sun or air-drying clothes is a more environment-friendly approach, one that eliminates germs from your baby’s clothes. Yet another solution is using eco-friendly products for washing clothes. Moreover, practice sustainable parenting by always washing a full load in your machine. That way, you save on multiple washes and your electricity bills.

Green and safe clothing.

One of the best ways to proffer your baby an eco-friendly baby rearing is by opting for green clothing. Studies show that the fashion industry contributes to around 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. Moreover, more than 8,000 chemicals are used in fabric manufacture. These chemicals, then, pass on to your baby when they wear clothes and chew on them. As such, one of the biggest eco parenting tips would be to choose sustainable clothing. With enough research, you will find many brands that sell green baby clothes.

Bring out the creativity inside you.

Plastic toys are everywhere, and it is a convenient gift for your baby. However, think about all the chemical residue on these toys and how your baby puts them in their mouth. Protect your babies from this by getting creative with their toys. If you have older children, get them occupied in making safe and eco-friendly playthings for your infant. Use old clothes, containers, or go the origami way to create safe toys.

Reusable wipes.

Babies require a lot of cleaning. From diaper changes to dirty hands and face, new mom’s will go through a baby wipe packet in no time. However, like disposable nappies, these wipes, too, end up in rubbish heaps, polluting the environment. Therefore, like reusable and eco-friendly cloth diapers, invest in wipes you can use again. Being chemical-free, such baby wipes are safe for your baby and the environment. Alternatively, there are flushable toilet tissues that you can use for your infant.

Go for a walk.

While you are following all the other eco parenting tips, why not practice some for yourself? While driving cars is convenient when traveling with your baby long distance, you might as well walk for shorter routes. Walking will benefit you, your baby, and the environment. Instead of letting babies play with their plastic toys or watch TV, new moms can take them out for fresh air in a nearby park. Your baby gets stimulation from all the sight of the outside world, and you get some exercise. It is a win-win for all.


Final Word

Eco friendly parenting must be a goal for all new moms and dads out there. Investing in baby products that are safe for your kid and the environment is the best use of your money. In the continued run, this investment will result in economic and personal benefits by saving on bills and protecting your loved ones. Moreover, when you raise your baby eco-friendly, you are paving the path for an environment-conscious adult – something our world desperately needs. Become a model for your baby by following green parenting practices.

This is a guest post by K Naveen.


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