Your Guide to Counsel Kids for Becoming Street Smart!

There’s no doubt that while kids are growing, they need to be left on their own for healthy growth. However, leaving them alone to tread new paths come with new vulnerabilities. If your kids are not smart enough to overcome these circumstances, they may fall into the big bad world out there waiting to embrace them.

That is why I believe that raising kids who are street smart is really important and this means introducing them to an understanding that strangers are not to be entertained.

A street smart kid knows how to conduct himself/herself when not accompanied by an elder or how to encounter a difficult situation on their own.

Make sure your kid is raised to be street smart in many different ways. Read on!

Explain to them the difference between strangers and acquaintances

Strangers may arrive in various forms like looking for directions, helping out with work, etc. Not all strangers are dangerous, but for a kid, it’s difficult to differentiate. Children also come across people who you know, but they don’t.

In this case, it may get confusing for them to decide between the two. Hence, you need to teach your kids whose favours not to accept and whom they can go forward with.

Teach them to be aware

A street smart kid knows full well what’s going on in his/her surroundings. They recognise if anything appears to be out of the ordinary. Noticing these minute details, they prepare to safeguard themselves in case of approaching danger.

Your kid should thus be aware of all that’s usual and things that are not.

Help them with skilful memorisation

In case your kid needs to describe the necessary details of some suspect, they won’t be able to unless they are equipped with memorisation skills. They may focus on details that might seem unnecessary altogether with these skills.

Asking them simple questions like how many people were there in the park or who was playing in the basketball court can go a long way. Through these methods, they will be keen on picking up information and retaining them. Someday, these details may prove to be crucial altogether.

Prepare them for securing help during emergencies

Some kids grow up shy and are not well aware of how to react when facing a dangerous stranger. Well, you need to prepare your kid for this, so that they can secure the right help at the right time.

Tell them why it’s okay to decline an unknown person’s offering. Getting away from someone who feels threatening is another step. If faced with an extreme situation, they can shout out and call for help from anyone nearby.

Explain to them the importance of informing; and avoiding places

Letting you know before they go anywhere will ensure you of their whereabouts. Also, if they avoid going to secluded spots, they can keep away from any lurking danger.

A street smart kid knows when to take the right step and when to say no. These efforts from your side will make sure nobody tricks them into an action that may threaten their safety.

Explain to them the concept of good touch and bad touch 

I began telling my children at about 18 months that they own their bodies and that no one has a right to touch them unless it’s okay with them. At age 5 my kid knows that their bodies belong to them and that they can reserve certain parts as ‘private.’ Even if it’s something like holding hands with someone or having a friend hug or kiss them, they know they have the right to say no if they don’t like it. This can be a great way to teach your kid how to be smart and not get caught in any abusive situation.