Home Travel Why Goa the perfect vacation spot for you and your kid!

Why Goa the perfect vacation spot for you and your kid!

Why Goa the perfect vacation spot for you and your kid!
Why Goa the perfect vacation spot for you and your kid!

Why Goa the perfect vacation spot for you and your kid?

I am assuming that if you are reading this article…you must have either visited Goa with your kid or are on the verge of planning to take you’re little one there or is this feature bringing all the old Go, Goa, Gone teenage memories back to you? (WINK WINK)

Nonetheless, Goa is the perfect vacation spot for your kid and especially if you are planning on taking your kid for his/her first vacation ever.

These are all the reasons which make it very exciting for you to travel……


Goa is full of beaches….be it Baga, Calangute or Vagator- which are generally the popular beaches full of shacks and entertainment options or beaches like Arambol, which are shallow seas,  good for safe swimming options and parasailing in specific seasons…

Morjim and Palolem are highly recommended as well.

Aswem is known for its lovely white-sand with few hawkers, sophisticated hut accommodation and staying options which kids will enjoy and have fun at.

Renny used this opportunity at every instant to use her sand beach kit and had lots of fun!


Old Fort

Bet it rekindling your old memories when you had visited the fort immediately after watching ‘Dil Chahta Hai’  or teaching your kid a bit of a history lesson visiting the Goa fort can be a great experience. You can google the ‘Fort Chapora’ and tell your kids lots of interesting stories. Like…..Chapora fort is a major attraction for its history – It was built by the Portuguese in 1617 for the defence of their territories from the Marathas.

There are other forts like Triacol which needs a ferry to reach and this can again be a cool sort of an adventure with your kids.


It is said that if you want to enjoy the real beauty of Goa then the churches in Goa are a must for you. Goa is additionally home to some of these lovely places of worship that you should visit with your kids…I really want to so a history/church trip with my kid but when she is like 6-8 year old. If you are really a history fan and want to teach the importance of architecture and combine it with a Portuguese and Catholic lesson then plan a trip and only explore these churches in Goa.

We only visited the famous Bom Jesus Basilica and Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception this time around.

Having a #churchday today #vacationday2

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Food and Restaurants

If you are a foodie and especially a fish eater and or a hardcore non-vegetarian….. Then Goa is the place to chill and enjoy fresh fish with your kids. And instead of wine….do not forget to try the local drink Cabo which is a coconut flavoured drink. Now with the advent of Zomato, you can find newer local places which even the locals might not be aware of but…Brittos and Infantaria are highly recommended…Thalassa was shut when we visited this time..so I could not comment on it…But if you are a fan of the 70’s and 80’s English music….Hotel Cavala on a Thursday night has a live band known as Tidal Waves and the overall ambience totally rocks. Time to groove to some old tracks with your kiddo!

This is when #renny slept off… After her #sandplay

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Renny is a complete water baby and this time around we had a perfect kiddie pool in our hotel and thus half of Rennys energy was spent in swimming which is her favourite sport and pass time. But…. if you have a younger kid making him/her familiar with a home pool would be a good idea and when you get him/her for swimming….. First, practice floating: With your child’s stomach in the water, position yourself so you’re cheek to cheek, then have him extend his legs behind him and take a “nap” on the water with his head resting on your shoulder (the “pillow”). (I think I should write a separate article on swimming)

Rennys dad got her a fantastic floating jacket (As seen in the Instagram pic) so that she could swim alone while we watched and I was lucky enough to remember to carry some bath toys which made for some fantastic pretend water play time as well!

Goa was lots of fun for Renny as well us Mommy and Daddy as Goa is always romantic but one downside of Goa this time was that it had become an all-season destination with no offseason as tourists across all parts of India come to experience the heavy rainfall in Goa. I wish to go here again in January preferably only with daddy.

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Keep on Travelling…

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