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The ‘Movie’ Inspired MOM

Movies Inspiring MOMs
Movies Inspiring MOMs

How many of you mommies watch movies? Some moms would complain….”Ohh after becoming a mom, where is the time?” Some might say the contrary that….”I am a mom and i deserve some alone time! Hence a movie a week is my relaxation mantra”  and there might be a tiny tiny percentage of mommies like myself, who have to watch all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood movies and series that are trending, before going to sleep like…..EVERYDAY! Yes that is right. I watch almost 2 movies in a week and all the series that are trending on the block. But this blog is not abot just watching all the movies but it is about learning from them, absorbing the essence of movies and doing what movies were actually made for…to learn.

I give you a list of 4 most talked about Hollywood movies this Oscar season and what the reel life female characters have taught me and indeed influenced me to become a better mom in my real life. Here is the list.

Movies Inspiring MOMs 1

Reese Witherspoon in Wild 


1. Her mom has a huge impact on her life

2. She becomes erratic and goes wild after losing her mom

3. She goes on a quest to discover herself

4. Her mom is the single force behind her existence


As a mother we will have a huge impact on our kids and this will last forever. Being a mother is not only being responsible but being responsible in creating an adult who will be responsible. What we teach and say will make a kid behave that way. Kids will always look upto their parents in each and every situation of their life and we here have to support them, both financially and emotionally. After a point in life, your equation with your kid has to be that of a friend and not a boss.

PS: I am also reading the book.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl 

Movies Inspiring MOMs 2


1. Controlling

2. Always thinking about herself

3. Going to any end to get things done

4. Egoistic

Now all would be wondering why would this character feature in the list? But this is not the kind of person let alone mother, any body would like to be. But what i learned from this character is no to be selfish when it comes to your kids. You always have to put their needs first and then ours. It may be that you want to go out and party but you may be forced to stay at home because of your kids exams, let this be and don’t let the child take a beating for it. Also this would be applicable to all the moms who withhold love when your kid has not performed according to your expectations. We mothers will have to realise that, you are not only harming the child who feels rejected but also setting a behavioural example for your kid. This can assume an extreme form when they try and do things, upon not feeling loved or withhold love towards others.

Felicity Jones in Theory of Everything 

Movies Inspiring MOMs 3


1. Mother to 3 kids

2. Loving and a super adjusting wife

3. Helpless mom but a loving one too

4. Also wants to be something more than a mom


When you see the movie, perhaps then is when you will be understand the trouble this mom goes through while raising her kids, when their dad is an invalid and my heart goes out to all you single moms. Inspired by a true story of Stephan King this mom taught me to keep on going no matter what. Being a mom should add on to your personality and not determine what your personality is. I see and feel that many moms not only restrict themselves but make their baby a be all and end all of their life, without doing anything else except raise their kid. I do not wish to say that being a stay at home mom is bad, in fact i respect all you moms because you have a full time job without any pay and we working moms are lucky to get paid. But here i just wish to say that, stay at home but read or cook or blog or do what you like that ads on to being a mom.

Juliane Moore in Still Alice 

Movies Inspiring MOMs 4


1. A mother with grown up kids

2. Career centric woman

3. Warm and loving


Just imagine if you start forgetting giving birth to your kids, not remembering that they were born, not remembering that you have kids, not remembering loving, touching or caring for them, not remembering their achievements or failures and how they made you a better person. Not remembering anything about past is still fine but i could not bear with the fact that one day Alzheimers could wipe out my memory of my kids. A well deserved oscar by Juliane Moore for this movie and yes i could only have understood this movie and the feeling which Alice (Character played by Juliane) after becoming a mom.