Home Stories What goes on in a Indian Working Mom’s Head everyday?

What goes on in a Indian Working Mom’s Head everyday?


6:30 am: Who is awake? My kids are sleeping! Husband is sleeping! It’s still 4 am! Mommy time! LOL

6:45 am: What should I make the kids for breakfast? Let me catch up on some more sleep! 5 minutes haven’t done anyone any harm!

7 am: Oh gosh! Husband is missing! Time to get up! Let’s make some healthy Indian breakfast and get to tiffins for the family!

8 am: No veggies? What do I make for Lunch? Always in a mood for Aloo parathas!

8:15 am: I have to shower, get ready for office! Ohhh…. I have to start the laundry when I get out of the shower and instruct the maid to clean the kid’s cupboards!

8:16 am: Did I actually put toothpaste on the grocery list? Or did I just think about doing it? Did I pack my husband’s tiffin too???

8:17 am: Do I need to shave my legs? Never mind, someone is screaming. I’ll do it tomorrow. Let’s wear Kurti today! It’s too hot anyway!

9:30 am: Where is the babysitter? Need to leave! Bye…..Husband! I can’t believe we dated too! Where is that guy lost?

9.45am: So many potholes! When will Indian roads leave the 1960s and move to 2017!

10:20 am: Reached office in time before boss arrived. Ohh shit…..completely forgot to eat! 

10:21am: Toothpaste. Toothpaste. Toothpaste. Put toothpaste on the grocery list.

10:52 am: This email from Big Kid’s school says his tuition balance is due in full by next week. How much money is in our bank account? Ohhh when are we finally taking a vacation without the kids?

11:30 am:  I should be buying vegetables. Is there any offer on any of the online apps or should I just telephone my mother in law? Ahhhh, forget it!

12:30 pm: I’m behind on emails. I could probably get some work done before lunchtime.

12:35 pm: Why is my Mother in law calling me?

2 pm:  Ohh! I think I went overboard with the sweets! Will it show on the tummy?

3:15 pm: My mom is going to be with us for the week! Hurray! I can finally visit the gym this week!

3:20 pm: Time for some coffee!

5 pm: 1 hour to go! What’s the snack for today?

6:15 pm: I shall leave in 15 mins!

7:15 pm: Finally reached home! Yaay my little monsters! Missed them!

7:25 pm: Where is my tea? Where is the cook? Where is my husband?

7:26 pm: Nope, definitely not potty training yet. What’s new on Netflix?

9:02 pm: Should feed the kids and make them ready for bed, they can spend some quality time with my husband!

9:55 pm: I never put toothpaste on the grocery list. But the kids are finally asleep!

11:30 pm: Let’s go to bed! Have a big day coming tomorrow!