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Wanna meet a new kind of family? A Part-Time Travelling One?


We were so lucky to meet this ‘Travelling Couple’ who became a ‘Travelling Family’.

Ric and Saj both were born in Cuba and came to the US with their families at a very young age. Raj and Saj thus became ‘high school sweethearts’. They are bilingual and their little ones too, they speak perfect English and Spanish.

Ric is an American Tv producer and Saj is a SuperMOM of course.

They blog at www.ricsaj.com and this is one of the blogs that we admire for sure.

Again I would like to than SuperMOM Anisha for all her hard-work and without her, this blog wouldn’t have been possible.

The Travelling Family
The Travelling Family

Tell us something about yourself, Mommy…

Saj Says….Travelling has always been my passion. We are regular working people, so we are budget conscious when it comes to getting out there. We also have to juggle our work, school schedules with being travelling family! We have been blessed with amazing careers and companies that allow us to do this.







Travelling Family 1



How old are you? And your kid too! 

Saj Says….I recently turned 32 years old, and that makes me a millennial, which I love because our generation’s dreams are so different from the previous generations. Our American dream (We live in the United States) is no longer a home, kids and a dog. We prefer to live a fuller life and take more advantage of our time on earth. My kids are eight on the little one just turned six! One fun fact, my oldest was born on the same day of my birthday, so now we celebrate it big!





Travelling Family 2Which countries and places have you travelled till now? Both with and without kids. 

We have traveled to 28 different countries, those are Spain, Italy, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Aruba, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, St Kitts, Barbados, Canada, St Croix, Thailand, Morocco, England, Brazil, Peru, France, Costa Rica, Curacao, China and Japan.

With the kids we have visited 22 countries, those are Spain, Italy, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Aruba, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, St Kitts, Barbados, Canada, St Croix, Curacao, France,China and Japan.






Travelling Family 3Tell us something about your trip with your kids? 

Traveling with kids makes adventures better in many ways, but also challenging. Cruise ships to Mexico and Jamaica are perfect because you have everything on board, including doctors. Our trips to China, Spain, Italy and France were challenging. Our kids had to adjust to the culture, food and often visit places more interesting for adults. Our oldest one had a hard time in Japan because he didn’t understand cartoons on TV. There is always the fear of them getting sick when abroad. It happened in Japan and we panicked. Fortunately, people are always willing to help a family with kids.


When did you start travelling with Kids?

We started to travel with them when they turned one year old. From that age to about three, trips were close to home, lazy island getaways and lots of resting and just watching them develop as toddlers. Eventually, we ventured further and further away from home. By now they have been as far as Asia, Europe and South America.



Travelling Family 4Can you tell us 2 destinations that you would recommend other fellow mums to travel? Also, how was your experience of that particular place and what all places can parents explore there with kids?

Xcaret in Mexico: Eight parks for different age groups, designed to closely interact with nature. Our kids loved swimming at underground rivers, touching dolphins, zip-lining and our oldest rappelled down a rope to a lake in a cave!

Tokyo Japan: Its a combination of modern fun and very rich, ancient culture. There are the futuristic cafes, Mario Go karts down the streets and the Giant cotton Candy shops, but also the ancient Ninja traditions, Mount Fuji and geishas. Our kids had a blast! Other destinations, Disney Parks around the world (Visited 4 already) Kauwai, Hawaii and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.




Travelling Family 5How do you pack for the travel? 

Other than travelling fashion is my passion. Ric always says “We should be well dressed to travel. We owe it to the destinations and the people we will meet. They should have a good impression of us.” We prepare our bags weeks in advance and try to have a combination of practical, but nice outfits. We pack per day for the entire family. Because of luggage restrictions, sometimes we pair different tops with some basic bottoms. Shopping before any trip is a lot of fun. We also try to take outfits that reflect the places we are visiting.



Dos and don’ts of travelling with kids?



Have medical help nearby and register with your consular office in the country you are visiting.

Get kids excited about a destination by showing them videos.

Plan lazy days, they need it!

Use a private guide for excursions.

keep children away from technology and engaged.

Take plenty of food and entertainment for long flights or excursions.



Don’t take your kids to places that risk them getting sick.

Don’t dress them uncomfortable.

Don’t plan all the entertainment for adults.

Don’t stress in front of them, they are already dealing with a lot by tagging along.

Travelling Family 6

What are the best & worst parts of travelling with kids? 

Traveling with our kids makes any experience more memorable. We want them to be in our lives 100% and we are more at peace when we have them in front of us. Kids are able to see and enjoy life in a different way. Seeing the world through their eyes and hearing them talk at the places we visit is amazing and enriching. As parents, we create amazing memories. The worst part is when we have to stay away from adult activities, and when they get sick abroad. Also readjusting to school when we come back, the work travel balance.

How do you manage your kid’s food items while on vacation or any crazy for incidences?

While they were under three, we only used to take them on cruises and pack tons of food and formula for them. There are no luggage restrictions so that was great. Recently I have to say that we have not figure out a correct way to manage their food. We don’t pack anything to take. Our craziest incident happened in China, we ate mostly at the same pizza hut, Subway and McDonald every day because they hated any other food. In Guatemala, they loved the natural selection of foods. Anywhere in the world, pasta is always a safe option for them.

I am sure you must have loved this blog and would love to see all your comments coming in.


SuperMOM Mitali

Lets Start Travelling mommies!!!


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