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VedaEarth a unique brand by a mother-daughter duo


Gone are the days when moms didn’t allow their daughters to dress up or apply creams fearing the worst. In today’s age when we moms take care of our babies skin since birth and encourage them to even do the same, we got chatting with a mother-daughter duo who founded VedaEarth; a contemporary Ayurvedic skincare range. VedaEarth blends Ayurveda with modern science to handcraft skincare products for women on the go. The products are 100% vegan and free of harmful chemicals or animal by-products. Wanna know more? Read below to find out.

Hi Divya, Can you please tell us something about yourself and your background?

I’m Divya Dinesh, 25 years old, and one of the Founders of Addvantis Enterprises LLP. I started the company along with my mom, Asha Dinesh & my sister Deeksha Dinesh. We started Addvantis in May 2015 and launched our Brand VedaEarth on October 6th, 2016.

Being born with cleft lip made me realize how small imperfections can bring down people’s confidence. Until they accept themselves they will never be happy about themselves. In this case, beauty is in the perception that you have of yourself. I truly accepted myself with a cleft lip and all only in 2015 at the age of 24 and started my journey.  My family has always been inclined towards natural remedies or alternative medicine mostly because of my mom’s positive influence on us. My mom Asha, too had for many years suffered from debilitating migraines that left her unable to get a single normal day. She found long-lasting relief only from Aromatherapy and Alternative medicine. Ever since, whenever we have had any problem we have always tried natural remedies first and then English medicine, not the other way round.

VedaEarth Anti-Ageing Face Pack
VedaEarth Anti-Ageing Face Pack

Can you tell us something about your skin story?

I have had very sensitive skin since a long time which made more than half the products available in the market not suitable for me as they used to cause irritation and burning on my skin including ones which were made for sensitive skin.Fearing trying even those products that claimed to be organic or natural for fear of further irritating my skin, my search for personal care products that didn’t irritate led me to Aromatherapy.  After I learnt Aromatherapy I started making my own blends of oils and using it as an alternative to moisturizers and it didn’t make me miss creams and I also didn’t feel guilty for harming my skin by putting harmful chemicals on it.

 How did you and your mom decide to start ‘VedaEarth’? 

What started as a facial oil, hair oil and pain relief oil for myself and my family soon led to me giving it out to my friends and relatives. I started getting good feedback from them encouraging me to make it an official brand. Thus started my journey to create VedaEarth.The inspiration behind the name came about as we were doing discussions. We wanted a name (one word) that is traditional yet modern hence came about VedaEarth. VedaEarth has two meanings, we wanted a little play on words and also make the logo look visually unique. Veda means any ancient knowledge which also connotes Ayurveda. Mother Earth provides us with the bounty we call nature. We are making use of nature to reap benefits. Hence VedaEarth. The other meaning comes about when you see our logo. If you see, the letter E is shaped like an oil drop as essential oils is something e use in all our products. You still have Veda and then you are left with ‘arth’ which in Hindi means meaning. We give ancient knowledge a new meaning with our products.

VedaEarthCan you shed some light on the research that has gone behind the brand?

The biggest challenge at the time of starting VedaEarth was during the creation of the products. We believe in giving genuinely good quality products and being transparent with our customers. All the oils were tested even at the vendor selection stage as you find a lot of adulterated ingredients nowadays. This helped us in narrowing down good quality suppliers even though the cost was higher as we want to give a good product. Also during our search, we looked out for organic ingredients. There were suppliers ready to give us so-called ‘organic’ ingredients but refused to provide any certification. Makes you rethink what you can believe on. We didn’t want to use and claim something we are not so we went with only those ingredients as organic for which we got certificates. That’s why we are not 100% organic and we are open about it.


Tell us something more about your expertise and the products as well. 

We are experts in blending oils using Ayurveda and aromatherapy. We have a range of 14 products consisting of Facial oils, Hair oil, Pain oil, Face packs, Handmade Soaps & Bath Salts. Our carefully constructed blend of oils, packs, soaps and more, provide multiple benefits – you don’t need an array of products for your hair,  skin or body  – Our multi-benefit products do the work of many in just a single application. Our products not only work on your body but also on the mind, by engaging your senses with their soothing, invigorating, or calming properties derived via Aromatherapy. And many of our products offer more than one effect. Take our cleansing oil for example. It acts as a cleansing oil, toner and moisturizer, thus giving the user a multitude of benefits in a single bottle. All VedaEarth products are 100% vegan. In addition to being vegetarian, we do not use any other animal products or by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, lanolin, beeswax and silk. We are completely against cruelty to animals hence do not test our products on animals. All our products nourish, moisturize, and hydrate so you get healthier skin and hair.


People generally think that Oils cause pimples(Is it a myth) but how can the use of oil be beneficial?

I would say that our understanding of how oily skin works is a little skewed due to which we believe in this myth. The way oily skin works is basically your skin’s meter of recognizing there is enough oil on the face is broken hence it overproduces to compensate,  thinking that the skin is dry. By using products which are supposed to remove excess oil or ‘mattify’ your face you are in fact encouraging the problem. The more oil you remove the more your skin produces because it feels your skin becoming dryer. So this acts as continuous cycle and you become dependent on the mattifying product to always keep your skin looking less oily.The way facial oils works is that firstly it is the closest natural thing to your own skin’s oil. By applying oils to your face you are taking care of the skin’s need for feeling dry. The essential oils get absorbed into the deeper layers and over a period of time, your skin’s detection meter starts to recognise when there is already enough oil on the skin and produces only if required. You are basically retraining your skin to understand its needs. And the essential oils we use are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hence taking care of pimples.

 ‘VedaEarth celebrates strong women’ This is a great thought. Can you elaborate more on this? 

I wanted to change the perception of beauty that people have in mind and also create products for the modern woman who is conscious about what goes on her skin as much as she is about what she eats/ drinks.Beauty is in your own eyes. I want women to feel good about themselves feel intelligent, inspired, empowered about themselves and give the same vibes to everyone around them. Feel wholesome. Hence VedaEarthrecognizes such women as #SheisaVEWoman. VedaEarth launched its brand campaign by celebrating strong women with positive self-image across all walks of life. The campaign brought together women like Silva Storai, India’s first woman jockey, Sucheta Khanna, Bollywood actor and celebrated animal rights activist Sowmya Reddy.


Last but not the least, can u tell us something about the ‘Mother-Daughter’ bonding that you share and how that has helped in creating the brand & taking it to the next level? 

I and my mom have similar personalities hence we get along better. Both of us are introvert, shy, determined. My family helped me to realize my potential and aromatherapy opened my mind to using alternative therapy to elevate your life. Including when I first started out making oils at home my mom was the one who ensures I got all the ingredients I wanted and she was my first R&D Associate. We used to send the oils from numerous suppliers for testing at the lab which required measuring them out correctly and packing it in clean bottles to avoid contamination.We used to make the products together and hand pack them including for the FGDs (Focus Group discussions).

If I hadn’t received all the support and help from her during my early entrepreneurial stage I probably would have found it difficult to do on my own and would have given up. I don’t know how she manages to take care of the house and all of us and still manage to get actively get involved with VedaEarth as well. That is inspiring!


Where can we buy this? Any special tips on how to use it? 

Our products are physically available only in Bangalore at our Kiosks in Mantri Mall & Orion Mall, Health and Glow Stores, Dabur NewU stores, Ayur Centrals. They are also available online pan-India through our website www.vedaearth.com, Flipkart, Amazon & Fabbag. The Facial oils and under eye oil are the simplest to use: Just take a few drops massage it well into your face and neck / roll the under eye oil and massage gently and most of it will get absorbed naturally. If you feel there is excess you can just dab away with a tissue. The essential oils would have already gotten into your skin.Our face packs are one of a kind they can be used daily and they will not dry your face. We give a combination of powder plus oil which when mixed as a paste and applied gives you all the necessary benefits.

We had great fun talking to the optimistic and positive Divya, we wish her and the entire VedaEarth family all the very best and rock the world.

Also, you take care mommies and nothing is impossible in the world.

Keep on Rocking

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