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Unveiling the new Pampers Diaper range #softestforbabyskin


Let’s go out baby! Exclaimed a tired mommy, she was tired of both the house and the house chores.

Ok, mamma! Let’s go! Said the baby in an excited tone.

Shoes…check, Hair..neatly tied, Smells great…but am I forgetting something?

DIAPERS!!!! Exclaimed both the Mom and the baby!

This is how important diapers are these days that even kids know their importance. On Sunday 20th September 2015, I was one of the lucky few who attended the unveiling the #softestforbabyskin diapers.

The event was hosted by Mandira Bedi and the panellists included Tara Sharma, Miss Ajita who was asleep expert and Dr Wei Sing Long, R&D expert who spoke about baby skin & how Pampers PremiumCare Pants is the #softestforbabyskin

PFB the video which covers the event and even more than the same.

In the end, we left with a Goodie Bag full of Pampers and I think it was a great gift! Even Renny loved it. More on unveiling the same in the next video!


Mommy Mitali 🙂