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Travelling with Kids- Hacks and Tips


Travelling with Kids???? Being prepared is something is going to sort out your life

Being prepared is something is going to sort out your life and also let you enjoy the vacation and spend some quality time with your spouse….

Wanna know the Hacks? Here they come….

Talk to them before going on a vacation

Talking to your kid about where you are going for a vacation and showing him/her pics and videos about the place, mentally prepares them for the vacation. If you have older kids making a list of activities that they would love to do also makes them really excited for the trip. Doing these activities with them will make the kids think that you are listening to them and also following their inputs…great way to teach many things at one go….What say, mama??

Start reading a new book- Travel related

Last time when we were planning a vacation, I had made up a story of a girl who goes on a vacation to discover a new world and because my daughter is into animals, I made up some animal related stuff and even got a pat on my back. Kids love stories so starting a Travel related book or even Alice in Wonderland kind of a stuff will really excite them about travel, make them learn lots of stuff and also serves the hidden agenda of them catching on the reading habit. Smart right?

Plan on vacation time in advance- day calendar

I am someone who has always believed in lists and calendars so planning my vacation time with kids was the best way to ensure that everything remains organised. This time I had everything planned from breakfast to emergency milk bottles to Tv time to swimming as an activity that my daughter loves up until sleep time. So sorting this out will sort out a lot of stuff. Try arranging the vacation days loosely into a schedule and see the magic.

Hide the Gadgets

Every mom fears that the Gadgets are going to completely ruin the vacation days and hence….Talking to the older kids about ‘No Gadget’ time on the vacation days and cooking up a story about some ‘Network Issue’ would be a great idea, I frankly did that and didn’t have any trouble with my daughter this time around.

Allow a fixed amount of TV Time

No gadgets and again no TV time is sure to drive you and the kids mad for sure.

So fixing up a specific time for cartoon/movies or TV would be a great idea. Make sure that you and your husband have some quality time planned when the kids are tucked in watching TV. Also, it would be better to have this time planned around evenings.

Carry their favourite toys, colouring book etc..

Always carrying the activity box is a great idea and instead of me writing down the points….Check this video out…..

Don’t fuss and relax

Most importantly, don’t fuss about the vacation mommies….Just relax and everything is gonna be fine…..It’s not all about climbing Mount Everest right???



Keep on Rocking and Travelling mommies…

SuperMOM Mitali