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Toy hacks every mommy should know to increase the playtime!


Toy hacks every mommy should know!!!

Before becoming a mom or when you are expecting, the first thought that comes to every mom’s mind is ‘Toys’ but it is only after your munchkins start playing with some, destroying some and ignoring many, almost all the moms will get the jolt of the unused toys in their life!


Read further below in the article to know some hacks or rather ideas to get your kids to play with the ignored toys and even open some unopened ones.


Not playing with the Stuffed toys?

Now if your kiddo flatly refuses to play with the stuffed toys or just hangs them on the back of the door, many moms would be relieved of the tension of picking them up later or cleaning the mess but if you are one of the creative moms on the block, we have got not one but two excellent ideas.

Take the animals on a drive/market/sea shore (You can really get creative here!)


  • Take a medium to a large sized cardboard box.
  • Pound two large holes on one side of the box and attach a rope to it.
  • You can even get your kid to draw on the box (Avoid paint) or stick his/her art stuff.


Now you can start by adding in the stuffed toys in the box and start a pretend play activity.

If it’s the time of the year when you think all your stuffed toys need to go for a bath, you can involve your kid in giving them a bath by creating a kiddie pool on your terrace or bathroom and have fun. You will have a great time with your kid for sure and the stuffed toys will come out looking as new.



Not playing with the cycle?


Most of the kids like to cycle and if it’s a cycle and they have the confidence to hop on and just ride no kid will refuse but the attraction of cycling will soon wear out and for most of the parents a tricycle will just remain as a towel hanging or a toy storage piece.

Not anymore! Read below to unleash the fun!

Summers are fast approaching and this can be the best time to indulge in some cycling fun. PS: You can also store this as an art piece later.

  • Take a huge white sheet of paper or you can also flatten up cardboard boxes (used to deliver TV, fridge etc.) if you are averse to the idea of using paper.
  • Take different shades of paint and create a mountain of paint (Huge quantities) at specific intervals in a circular shape.
  • Ask your kid to drive on the paper in a circular motion.
  • PS: You may have to have your kid either wear minimal clothing or plastic wrap their them till their waist to avoid damage to their clothes.


Are LEGO boxes just lying unwrapped?

Not a big fan of Lego mommy? Watch ‘The Lego Movie’ and become a fan. Yup, that will work both for you and your kid and if that does not….

Read on to know more….

If you are a Pinterest mom who likes to take an active interest in each and every activity that your infant then toddler and now kid undergoes then lego would have been on your radar since long but getting your kid to play with it seems a task?

  • Use your wild imagination and ask your kid to get going on a scavenger hunt, pretend to have a map or make one.
  • Keep legos neatly hidden in areas which you and your kid can easily find. This can become an activity in itself or you can add a twist to this activity by building a maze.
  • You can further extend this activity by adding a simple zip lining angle to it.


Small toys lying at the end of the toy basket?

Small or tiny looking toys are the most difficult to manage and always are at a high risk of getting dumped at the end of the toy bin or discarded as trash. But if you follow these activities, these tiny looking toys can be a great source of fun and learning for your young kids or slightly older ones for learning maths, numbers, alphabets etc.

  • Take a slightly wide boxed printable graph paper (You can just print it out at home)
  • Place some of the small toys that you have on the board but with a story in mind. (If you look at the below-mentioned image you can say that….Crocodiles means danger, Spiders give you 2 points etc)
  • If you have a younger kid (2-3.5 year old) you can ask them to indulge in pretend play activities bit remain on the board.
  • If you have a slightly older kid you can use these you can have your kids use a pencil to write out the arrow symbols for the different directions on a sheet of paper and then select a sheet while playing and move the small objects accordingly. Each object can have points which can make them learn addition or subtraction or tables.
  • You can also Laminate your grids and use an erasable marker! 

If you are a mom who wishes to learn some more hacks or ways to get your kids to do more of pretend play activities with your kids then do write to us on mail@supermommitali.com


I know that you are going to love these simple hacks as well.

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As always keep on rocking and hacking (Trying the hacks)

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