These 10 Trending Hobbies for Recreation and Learning while in Quarantine. 

New year’s beginning with new resolutions is the clichéd trend everyone was following. Be honest, and answer this for once. Haven’t most of them being the remnants of resolutions you were sulking to implement?

Then…Why not bring new light to all then? Although it’s almost the end of March, it’s not late enough to let the rest of 2020 go in vain. The only thing between you and your profound dreams, goals and aspirations is YOU and I think this Self Quarantine is a time wherein we should self introspect and try these things which we were always wondering about!

Fitness goals, healthy mind & body, etc. are helpful in their rights. Nevertheless, the question is, do they interest you enough? So, why not instead focus on your hobbies that cal you for long?

Let the shutterbug in you take over

A.k.a become a photographer. Its time you gave shape to your fascination with lenses by clicking random pictures. Capture little moments of beauty and be a part of this cult which is shaping up fast. While in quarantine we can start by taking some online courses which we can use to refurbish your knowledge. Plants and kids at home can be subjects to be photographed.

Learn new yoga poses

For a fitness freak, yoga is the most trending hobby. Brace yourself for joining the ever-growing troop that wants to learn calming yoga poses. Now that the gyms and recreational centres have been on a lockdown Yoga is something that does not need any kind of equipment. Take a youtube lesson in Yoga or download a Yoga App and start the poses.

How about trying music?

With each musical instrument giving away its unique notes, you can’t keep yourself from grooving over them! Now, it’s time you tried your hand at some of them. If you are someone who has a keyboard lust lying at home, then why not make use of the same? Again there are ample of apps and youtube lessons that you can try while in Quarantine.

Cooking is never out-dated!

Cooking can be an intimidating task. Whether you are single and on your own, or you are a teenager preparing to move out, cooking is an invaluable skill to have. Cooking at home can not only save your wallet from spending on fast food and take out, but it can also make a difference in your waistline, as home-cooked meals are typically healthier and more filling than fast food or otherwise processed food. To begin cooking on your own, you need to get a few simple supplies, master the basics, and practice consistently. Cooking soothes, so have you heard! Why not give it a try yourself? Pick up some cool recipes from your dust-laden cookbook. Grab the ingredients and get started!

Mixing cocktails like a pro

The finesse of a professional mixologist making cocktails and drinks is adorable. So can you be! Learn the tricks of finely blending drinks that are lick-a-licious. These days, if you want to learn something, get a teacher. But you have to pay a cost and these costs are expensive. To be self-learning is just great!!!

Just go on Youtube or Pinterest and you are sorted!

Give DIY Arts and Crafts a try

As a kid you believed cutting and folding papers is not your game. And it stayed with you, until now! Unleash the artist in you by taking up the crafting of decorative. Whether you love to knit, crochet, sew, create jewellery or work with paper, you’ll find a project to by surfing the internet or just going on Pinterest.

Learn to write beautiful, a.k.a, calligraphy

Art is more fun when the world is out there ready to learn, just like with calligraphy. Yes, it was boring when you were a kid, but that was then. Now when you appreciate it, go for the lessons!

Dance, dance and dance..

Dances like pole dance, ball dance or swing dance are all over the place. Any locality, any county, you will find someone giving lessons. Enrol for one and make your hobby your forte.

Too many options to not be had, isn’t it? Choose a few that bring you the most appeal and waste no more time to go for it!

Learn Gardening

Much research has been done into the health benefits (for both physical and mental health) of spending time in gardens and with plants and trees in nature. Contact with our natural world has benefits for all ages and is too easily forgotten in the daily routine or at times of stress.

A major negative influence on our health is the effect of stress in lowering our immune system and the ability to fight off germs. Taking the time to enjoy our gardens is an essential part of daily life. One of the best ways to see what is going on is to take the time to observe and look closely at how things are developing. A sure way to leave stress behind and tune into the seasons.

Here is how you can learn gardening…

Use this time to learn and so unfinished business and complete the work.

Keep on smiling

SuperMOM Mitali