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The Gadget Addiction OR The Digital Babysitter

Kids playing with new technology while adults entertain

I was recently invited to my daughter’s school for an open day and as soon as I entered the hall, I noticed a lot of moms just sitting. They were really not talking to each other or playing with their kids but just smiled at other moms in the room and minded their own business, while their kids had a great time in the indoor play area nearby. This is when a mommy got a call on her mobile phone and suddenly, the expressions of all the moms in the room changed. The lady in question quietly answered the mobile and hid the mobile in her purse instantly. This is when I knew that all the mothers in the classrooms were scared of their kid’s very obvious addiction…’The Gadget Addiction’ or it is also rightly known as the ‘Digital Babysitter’ (A mild term for addiction and a reference to the fact that video watching time itself curbs kids movements hence acting as a babysitter or providing in case the lack of the real one) 

The Gadget Addiction OR The Digital Babysitter
The Gadget Addiction OR The Digital Babysitter

I just took my chance with the mom whose was feeling embarrassed about her ringing the phone and asked her….”Does your kid also watch Youtube/Videos?” And all the moms slowly joined in the conversation and we have never stopped talking ever since.

So I patted on my back for inventing the mom icebreaker line….”Hey…does your kid watch Youtube/Videos too?” (You are free to try it on any mom who has kids until the age of 12 and I am sure you will never get a mom who won’t answer your question anywhere in the world) 

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But as funny as I am trying to make it sound, this is really a warning for the current generation who are living in the reel world more than the real world. I have visited numerous cafes, restaurants in many parts of India and have seen kids glued to their mobiles while their parents are seen enjoying a peaceful dinner. I have even seen siblings both busy in their own tablets/mobiles while not having a word with each other till they leave in the restaurant and even after sitting in the car, the mobile never left their eyesight.

While I know that sometimes I have also been the mom who quietly slips in the mobile in my daughter’s hand just to have some quality time with my husband while the device rightly acts as the ‘Digital Babysitter’.

But there have been cases where a  kid develops the habit of watching Youtube constantly or he/she refuses to eat without watching Smartphone/Ipad. Now this would be considered as a serious sign of addiction.

While I don’t want to get into the hazards of this addition, this Video and some articles below would highlight the issue in the right manner.




I know that not showing any gadgets to kids is not the solution in this day and age but restricting their gadget time and most importantly spending quality time with kids and talking to them is the answer.

As I always say, there is no problem, fight or a disorder in the world, which cannot be cured by love.

Today I would like to say….

Keep on loving and conversing with your kid’s mommies! 


SuperMOM Mitali 

PS: Every mom in the world is a SuperMOM!