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The SuperMOM who chose ‘motherhood’ over her career- Sushi Targett- The Beachwalkmuse


It’s a very interesting story as to how did I come to know about Sushi short for Sushmita Targett.

It was a very stormy and windy night…..NO…..its not that type of a story mommies!!!!

Sushi and I were introduced to each other via an Instagram group for mommies, & one day I invited her to speak with us and we instantly bonded over the Skype/Whatsapp and then Skype call I guess!

I was really touched by Sushis story who really decided to be a mom at 22 because she was in love with a man who had two kids from his former marriage and you know what she decided that she should be a mother to them before anything else.

Sushi…..we love you a lot and wish you all the very best in your life. You are truly a SuperMOM.

Sushmita Targett
Sushmita Targett

SuperMOM Asks: So Mommy Sushi tell us in detail about your Instagram and the concept behind the same? Sushi says….My Instagram is all about my parenting style and lifestyle. It features my kids and my dogs, sometimes my husband too. I like taking photos and I use Instagram as a platform to get some appreciation I guess. I am not your mainstream mother nor am I a hippie. I guess I can be borderline sometimes, depending on perspective. But I like all things natural and that is my style of parenting. It involves home birthing, breastfeeding, cosleeping, and homeschooling. I use Instagram to meet like-minded people and share my ideas about some of the concepts mentioned above. I have made some lovely mama friends since the birth of baby Ro, especially in India and I can’t wait to meet them all on my next trip to India. 

Shushi 1SuperMOM Asks: What about those interesting Insta stories? Sushi Says….Instastories are a different story though. I started off  Insta stories for my mother. She stayed with us for the first six months of Ro’s life. And we missed her immensely when she went back to India. She missed us too. So I started making snapshot videos of our lives on Instagram with her in mind. Slowly I realized more and more people are watching it and so I then started putting more thought into it even though it is a raw reality of our daily lives.
SuperMOM Asks:  So you originally hail from India, tell us something about your life hereShushi 2
Sushi says: I was born and raised in India, Mumbai until I was 21. I am the only child in the family. My mother is a teacher and my dad was into security business (providing gunmen, guards to other businessmen). We had a very normal middle-class lifestyle. We are very close as a family. Every weekend, my father would make sure we called up all our relatives to check on them, visited our grandparents without fail and also went on a day trip to a museum or bookstore or the beach (family time). My childhood was very rich and nurturing I think. 

My parents, especially my mother has always been my friend. My dad passed away when I was 14 years old and since then my mother has been my pillar of strength. She has her set values but she never imposed any of them upon me. Her ways of parenting and mine although have a lot of similarities, they can be different at times, for example, my choice for a homebirth, homeschooling or even going vegan etc. Having said that my mother has never stopped me from pursuing a lifestyle that I am comfortable with. When she visits me she learns about my choices and tries to live like me. Only after having experienced life my way she then gives her opinion on it which I really appreciate. We are friends, we talk and we are teaching each other new things every day. The one thing I want from my mother is her ability to be so open-minded to her child. I aspire to be like that (which I struggle to be with my kids, I can be very opinionated).

Shushi 3SuperMOM Asks: Tell us something about your life as a Mommy in Margate town, 2 hours from London? Am I right?           

Sushi Says: I live in a small seaside town called Margate in Kent, yes…It is 2 hours away from London. We are away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. 
We are surrounded by beaches, amusement park, art galleries, museums, libraries, and forests. 
My parenting is very basic. I am into natural attachment parenting. I am into home birthing, homeschooling, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and babywearing. The town where I live makes it easier for me to be the mother I’d like to be.
 I was not always like that. But I have grown in age and wisdom and I am more confident and sure of how I want to run this parenting business of mine. Life as a mama is hectic but I love it. There is never a dull moment. 

Shushi 4

SuperMOM Asks: How do you feel about being a mom to 3 kids? 
Sushi Says: I love it! It might have come to be as a shock at a very young age but I think I was meant to be a mother. My old friends always knew me as a very ambitious person who wanted to have a great career but instead I chose motherhood as my primary role in life. I feel truly blessed and I have committed the next few years of my life to looking after and nurturing my children in the best way I know and I can. 


Shushi 5


SuperMOM Asks: How do u balance the day with the kids and plus Instagram, personal work and the blog and dog walking? Sushi Says: My big two go to school at the moment (it is soon going to change as I have decided to homeschool them from next academic year starting in September) so I use the school hours to run my small dog walking business. Baby Ro comes with me. I wear him in a sling and walk dogs all day long. As far as social media is concerned, I need to do more. But I try and do them after kids go to bed. One of the benefits of raising kids in the UK is that bedtime is 7 pm. So once kids are in bed, I focus on myself and my interests. 

Shushi 6SuperMOM Asks: Tell us something about your pregnancy? How was it? 

Sushi Says: I had a horrible 6 months, to be honest. I suffered from Hyperemesis, which is an extreme sickness. It was morning, day and night. I threw up to 30 times a day. I lost 6 kgs and became iron deficient. I was close to being hospitalized but thanks to my husband, who made sure I kept myself hydrated and ate despite being unable to keep anything in, I escaped the hospital. But after that thing got better, the baby was very active and I felt stronger and positive. I even managed to get the pregnancy glow. The last three months were so good that I could almost forget the hyperemesis, but no all in all my pregnancy was dreadful. A loving husband, lots of meditation/yoga and a lot of cuddles from my children & dogs helped me get through it. 

Shushi 7SuperMOM Asks: Tell us something about your and your husband’s schooling? What did you both study? 

Sushi Says: I went to standard English medium school in India and I did my masters in broadcast journalism from the Birmingham city university in the UK.
My husband had a different kind of schooling. He went to a Waldorf school. They have a very different ethos and philosophy towards raising children and education. My husband never finished school. He felt there were better things out there for him than the restrictions of the school life. He has never been the one who would take orders from others. After spending a good couple of years on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia, he came back to the UK to finish his studies. He also did journalism from Birmingham city university and that is where we met.
Shushi 8
SuperMOM Asks: Special message to other moms like yourself? 
Sushi Says: Enjoy motherhood. Relax and don’t judge yourself. Don’t worry too much about what others have to say about you and your parenting skills. To each their own. Go with your instincts, not with the norm. Always question the system when it comes to children be it about birthing rights, schooling etc. Play with your kids and don’t worry about their future. A child that is loved will always become a person who will contribute towards a better and kinder world.



SuperMOM Asks: How has technology changed mommyhood? Shushi 9

Sushi Says: I think technology has changed motherhood a lot and mostly in a positive way. Due to social media access mothers from all around the world are coming together and sharing their experiences and skills. We are a generation of mama’s who are so well informed because of technology. These mama groups online are a community that offers great support to each other
Having said that, I do not appreciate the dependence on technology by a lot of parents for their children’s entertainment. It does not only cause hindrance in building a great bond but also is very unnatural for children. These days children spend far too much time on tv/iPad etc. My kids have no tv or computer. They watch stuff on my laptop for an hr a day and rest of the time they either play outdoors or creatively at home. Being bored, sometimes, is a good thing. That is when creative ideas come to play. 

Shushi 10SuperMOM Asks: Tell us your views on homeschooling

Sushi Says: I am fascinated by the idea of homeschooling. I think children should have a passion for education and a yearn to learn more. Schooling takes away that curiosity and interest. Children become linear in their thinking. They become goal oriented and everything becomes a rat race. There is so much more in the world to know than sitting in a classroom, knees under the desk & learning the periodic table mandatorily whether you want a career in science or not! The fact that everybody has to compulsorily learn everything and perform to get good result puts me off. How does it matter how much you score, what matters is how much you have learned and whether you still have the curiosity to learn more. I am taking my children out of school once they finish this academic year in July. They have learned how to read and write and count. From here onwards, they can only go upwards. 
With baby Ro I am planning to homeschool him right from the beginning. I am fascinated by forest schools and Waldorf schools. I want to incorporate them both into my homeschooling system. 
Shushi 10SuperMOM Asks: Tell us something about the dog and baby bonding, many moms think that dogs and kids mean a lot of work. Plz, elaborate.
Sushi Says:  (crazy dog lady alert!) Well, they are a lot of work. Dogs are as big a responsibility and commitment to children. But I think a family is not complete without a pet. Dogs are so calming and caring. My dogs love my children. They are our destressers. When kids are upset, they go and vent it out to the dogs and they sit there listening to them. If someone is ill, they give the best cuddles and kisses. Having dogs means you have to walk them every day at least twice, which means you have to get up, get ready and go out. No matter how low you are feeling, once you are out in the fresh air, you feel better and when you see your dogs run around crazily and have the time of their life, you cannot help but smile. No Monday blues for us! 
I was praying throughout my pregnancy for baby Ro to not have any allergies to dogs because I would have been gutted if I had to pick. My dogs are the reason why I got through so many lows in life and I cannot imagine my life without them. 

SuShushi 11perMOM Asks: Any books that you have read in recent times and would recommend for homeschooling parents. 

Sushi Says: Free to learn by Peter Grey.

Home Grown by Ben Hewitt

The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith

SuperMOM Asks: Special message and anything that u wanna add on to the mother and homeschooling community in India? 

Sushi Says: I have not homeschooled yet so I am not sure if I am qualified to leave a message but al I would say is don’t put pressure on yourself to teach them everything. Read to them a lot, paint with them a lot, take them to art galleries, museums, theaters, let them climb trees, expose them to world music and trust that they are learning every day and they don’t even know it. Isn’t that great?!

Shushi 12SuperMOM Asks: Any special message for the Instagram mommies? Any selfie tricks? or tricks to click your kid’s photos, because we love them! 

Sushi Says: I am not into selfies but I do take a lot of photos of my children. I am lucky I have 3 photogenic children. that helps. I try and make the most of the natural light when taking photos. I think learning how to use your camera well is important and I am still learning. I will give you tips when I know my game better!

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Also, you can read all of Sushi’s adventures on her blog beachwalkmuse.wordpress.com or follow her on Instagram as beachwalkmuse.

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