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The real Indian Stay-at-home-dads


In the olden days, rules of survival in the society were pretty much defined…Mothers stayed back at home and took care of the house and the kids while Fathers worked and earned a living but with the advent of technology and introduction of a global-minded approach these lines are pretty much blurring and this has given rise to a new breed of fathers, the ones who love staying back and taking care of the kids known as the Stay-at-home dads. Lets dive into the feature to know if thet are real or no!

Jai, A father of 2 girls (2 and 4 years old) decided to move from Sydney, Australia back to India after his daughters were born because his wife Kruti, who was a Physiotherapist wanted to always establish her own practice in her own country. Jai left his job back in the country and moved to India in September 2017 and while his wife was busy setting up the clinic Jai felt no qualms about assuming the role of a stay at home dad. Though it was just for a few months, he was really happy about the quality time he spent with his girls.

Posted by Kruti Parekh Khemani on Saturday, July 15, 2017


Another stay-at-home dad is Sumeet Popli a civil engineer by qualification, over the last 14 years, worked in diverse roles and in his most recent role, he led the programme and project management practice at Mott MacDonald, India. Sumeet decided to become a stay at home dad after they moved to Pune and his wife started teaching at the Flame University in a full-time capacity. When I spoke to Sumeet, he happily described his son’s schedule and said that he makes everything so simple. Sumeet says…”The day starts with giving him milk, and a fruit which is followed by some play-time and book readings. Before we know it its lunchtime! Lunchtime is often followed by a nap and when the boy is we go swimming or play in the neighborhood play area.” When asked about the society Sumeet maintains that “Society does not expect dads to do all this, frankly putting the kid in a daycare would be a simple choice.”

Posted by Sumeet Popli on Sunday, June 10, 2018

While we marvel at the stories of these dads, one most important aspect Ashar Khan a Stay-at-home plus working from home SuperDAD maintains is the aspect of safety. He says people don’t send their kids to play in the park in the evening is not only because of mosquitos or homework it’s mainly because they don’t feel its safe for them to play alone. While gated communities and huge housing complexes are arising in the city, a kid can quickly get lost or fall prey to bad things. Hence Ashar maintains that when he takes his kids out to play, other parents feel safe and send their kids as well.

Now Adarsh is a stay at home dad in Dublin, Ireland and he describes his schedule in detail, the day begins by getting up at 7.30 am which is followed by breakfast and then he drops his daughter off at school around 9.30am, now his son and him, return back home to spend some quality time together and they read books, sometimes watch cartoons, TV etc…this is followed by a bottle of milk and a nap which ends at 1.30 pm. Post this both father and son, go to pick up the daughter from school full-time almost 2.20pm now and they spend time playing in the school and return home by almost 4 pm. Post this… Adarsh cooks and the dad and the kids have dinner around 7 pm and its nap time by 9.30 for the kids.

Now we would love to assume that parents like Adarsh, were the kind who were non-performers at their workplace but you will be easily mistaken because Adarsh led an agency known as Spangg and even headed teams at Facebook and Google. Adarsh maintains that…He has not only been a full-time dad now but has always considered himself as a full-time dad because he was very actively involved in his kids’ life. He always believed in equal parenting and shared the load with his wife in every aspect.

My husband always maintains that one day he would love to be a Stay-at-home dad and I say…”AMEN”. So… This fathers day… let’s give a standing round of applause to all the fathers who have no qualms about staying at home or even cooking, dropping and picking up the kids and cleaning the potty. I know that they are the ones who are changing the set rules of the society and they need to be respected and celebrated. Happy Fathers day!

Keep on staying at home daddies…


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