The List of 5 Books a woman in quarantine must-read in 2020

No doubt motherhood introduces a woman to the most tender, compassionate, vulnerable yet strong emotions. What it also does is brings her close to her feminine side as well and while we are being productive and enriching our quest for knowledge this Quarantine season, we have brought an assortment of 5 best books that a Classy Woman must-read in her lifetime.

Indulge yourself in these publications by some of the great women authors that have overtaken the meaning of just being a woman in this day and age!

Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

While this book was marred by controversies when it released, it sends across a strong message.

The protagonist of this novel is a girl who takes a journey from self-doubt to liberation. On her way, she realises no one else owns her soul than she.

Feminists need to have a good read through this empowering book that can take them to self-discovery.


Bitter Bitch by Maria Sveland

Bitter Bitch as an international bestseller has been a climb-down for many. The high expectations of life are unburdened here one leaf at a time.

Again, a story based on a 30-year-old woman who happens to be a journalist, it beautifully narrates how she discovers herself through the prism of everything she disliked.

The Electric Woman by Tessa Fontaine

An assured debut that doesn’t shy away from the task of holding the ordinary and otherworldly in its hand, at once. It’s herein that the book’s power lies . . . Throughout this narrative is the story of [Fontaine’s] relationship with her mother, a story that is sometimes its own hard-to-watch sideshow act. Fontaine is unafraid to write the ugliness ― the imperfect care and love ― that takes place between people, and the memoir is most ‘electric’ when it doesn’t shy from that imperfection. — Rachel Khong, The New York Times Book Review

Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room

Dealing with the concept of marriage and how it affects a woman in its entirety is the theme of this impactful book. Adapting to marriage in a completely new place and raising child, Myra, the leading character uncovers many truths about herself.

An enticing yet informative book, it has been one of the best when dealing with feminism.


Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands

A little funny, and a little entangling, this book by Charlotte Roche is quite explicit of a woman’s fantasies and her intimate life.

Nevertheless, it comes to the must-read list of the best feminist books because it sheds light on many issues related to women that are considered a hush-hush topic in general.

So, go on ladies. Your summer’s read is sorted with these unconventional books on feminism. They not only empower but expose you to a lot that you know but don’t recognise.

Happy reading mothers!