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The Girl who lived in a Fairyland


The Girl who lived in a Fairyland

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in the plush areas of Mumbai, she always dressed like a fairy princess, pretended like she lived in a fairyland. Only spoke about all the fairytale characters and addressed everyone as King, Queen or Staff. 

Her parents thought this was extremely cute and encouraged this behavior,  they even painted her room in pink and bought her all sorts of princessy stuff.

This girl slowly grew up and started her primary schooling and she met her teachers and friends and started calling them by various other names from the storybooks like Elsa, Olaf, Witch, Donkey, Ogre etc…

Initially, the teachers found it cute but after a few months, this really started to worry Miss Anita and she started pointing it out to the school staff. The School staff also found it very amusing and decided to warn her parents about this silly behavior. 

Her parents,  hell bent on raising their daughter in a ‘Royal Manner’ still continued this behavior.  

One day the girl who called herself as ‘Princess’ claimed that she is going to eat a ‘Poison Apple’ and going to sleep forever as she has many step mothers who treat her badly. 

Miss Anita got really upset and informed her mother of this nonsensical behavior. 

Her mother got really angry and stopped sending her Princess to the school from the next day. 

This is a true story, narrated to me by Miss Anita. 

I really don’t know what to call such behavior but this is really alarming. I urge you mommies to share this story and prevent such things from happening to your kids. Imaginary play time and role play are only good till an extent that the kid is able to differentiate between the Real and the Reel life, otherwise, when this glass house breaks, the girl is the first one who is going to get hurt by the broken glass.  

Keep on Rocking Mommies,


 SuperMOM Mitali