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The fashion behind the names of 2011-2020


Myra…….No baby, don’t go there!

Kiara…..No Sweetheart, this is not a good thing to do!

Anaya…..Look at the painting there!

Rheya (Spells as Ria) Arent you a good baby?

Arjun……Look at the car! My baby boy!

Vivaan…..No….Mommy says no!!!!!

Ishaan….No boy! Dad says no!

Rehaan/Ridaan- NO means no! Now you boys won’t disturb me!

Hey…..don’t worry mommies, I do not intend to have some 8-10 kids and this is not my mental dialogue or anything of those sorts, these are the names and the dialogues that I often hear when I am off to a mall or traveling in a metro, or having a quiet coffee in Starbucks or entering the school to pick up my daughter.

What goes on in my mind after hearing these names is a question, that how could so many parents and often my friends or acquaintances, keep these increasingly similar names? I totally adore all the names and Myra and Kiara being my favorite and Arjun, Rehaan and Ridaan also sound like a handsome boy.

After I read the ‘The Naming Ceremony’ an article by Gauri Deshpande in Mumbai Mirror on Sunday, I could not help but write these thoughts down.

If you remember, all the eras have had distinctly similar names, 60’s and 70’s and even 80’s for the matter, were known for Hema, Lata, Asha, Bindu, Smita, (All my aunties have these names) and the heroines who had slightly different names like Madhubala, Sharmila, Nargis, Saira stood out? Not to forget Helen which was a distinct name.

And if we talk about the heroes…Rajesh, Ramesh, Dilip, Kumar, Sanjay, Raj, Shashi, Rishi, were the names that dominated the industry and i even have my uncles who are named after all the above stars.

So what brought about a change in the names of the kids born after the 2000’s?

Was it Hritik naming his kids Rehaan & Ridaan or Shahrukh who named his son as Aryaan?

Or this phase started when Akshay Kumar engraved Aarav on back?

Arjun Rampal, announced his daughter’s name when he got his first award….Mihika and Myra….Daddy loves you!

When Did the name revolution shift to the Facebook-friendly NRI edition, Uber Savvy, Uptown Funk, Stylish, Panache bearing names?

Think about it mommies and daddies!

Keep on Rocking,


SuperMOM Mitali