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Teaching Traffic rules and Road Safety to kids – #BachchePoliceBulayenge a child safety and security campaign


This article is a part of the #BachchePoliceBulayenge a child safety and security campaign. #BachchePoliceBulayenge is the city’s largest child safety and security campaign – An Initiative by Cartoon Network India in association with Mumbai Police.

As you know, SuperMOM Mitali recently shared an interesting VIDEO featuring Kris from Cartoon Network’s Roll. No. 21 regarding traffic rules and children’safety when it comes to Road travel. The video captured all the essential rules in a fun way, as a part of #BachchePoliceBulayenge campaign, in association with Mumbai Police. 


India has an alarming statistic when it comes to road accidents concerning kids, where Every hour almost 43 kids are involved in road accidents making it almost over 15,000
kids getting killed in road accidents alone.

We were really shocked and appalled by this number and hence have given a serious thought to talking about the concept of road safety and security for kids and This also got me wondering about my child’s safety. Hence I made it a point to show her the cool video (above), which she loved! Some of the key rules mentioned in the video were really simple to follow but when I thought about the fact that I had to teach Traffic rules to my kid, I was engulfed with a serious question in mind, “How do I make this concept interesting?” I kept on pondering. A little fun and planning can easily overcome these troubles to make the teaching lessons effective and hence I thought of some games, which could, in turn, translate these rules into a fun learning activity.

Here are some interesting activities, which you can try out to make the kids understand the importance of road safety rules.

The Traffic Signal Game

We all enjoy these occasional outings with our kids but travelling whether it involves a bus/taxi or a car ride is a part of the process so instead of frowning at a traffic signal lets turn this into a game for our kids.

Whenever you stop at a RED Light you can begin by asking your kid, what is the colour of the signal and as it turns Green you can ask him/her to guess the colour again. You can then begin my explaining the traffic light colours and Voila; every signal becomes an opportunity to teach the traffic light to the kid.

You can begin this activity with your 2.5-3-year-old kid as soon as they start guessing the colour. As the kid gets older enough you can explain him/her the importance of following the traffic rules and what jumping a signal may cause.


The Sign Game

 Inventing new games is part of being a parent so why not use this opportunity and educate kids about Traffic Rules and road safety? The Sign Game begins by printing out STOP and GO signs onto card stock and taping them onto wooden rulers. Be mindful that the Green colour will always be associated with a GO sign and Red with the STOP sign. Ask your kids to play this game with an older family member or a parent first so that they understand the rules of the game.

Children will also be practising their gross motor skills via this game without realization. This activity will be especially helpful when your kid is outside on walks and someone yells out “Stop!” he/she will know exactly what to do since he/she has done it so many times playing this game.

To make this game even more enjoyable, you can also use a costume to encourage role-play and imagination.


The Bicycle Game

 If you have a slightly older kid who is into cycling, teaching about road safety is of paramount importance to you and hence before your kid starts cycling on the road use this activity to teach him/her about bicycle safety tips which can generally translate to safety tips with any kind of a vehicle. It is a great idea to do this activity on your terrace or inside the building compound. All you need is coloured chalk to make this entertaining and educational activity. Draw a square with a + sign in the middle and colour in the lines in yellow to resemble roads. Include stop signs at each intersection. Have your child practice riding his bicycle in a straight line. When he reaches an intersection, have him turn the bicycle so as to give him/her the feel of a real road.


You can also use this opportunity to teach your kid some Hand Signals to indicate which direction he/she is turning. Teach them the importance of using hand signals, especially around traffic as it helps drivers to know which way the vehicle is turning and can help avoid potential accidents.


Traffic Signs RoadMap- DIY

Itching for a DIY with your kid which can result in learning for life? What can better idea than having a Traffic Signs RoadMap pop into your life?

Things Needed

A White Paper Roll

Colored Crayons

Stop and Go Signs


Begin by asking your kid to draw your neighbourhood area on both the sides of the paper, this may include buildings, parks, schools, hospitals, banks etc. Use the middle part to resemble a concrete road. Once the roadmap is complete you can begin to play the game.

Try to incorporate situations and places to involve all of the traffic signs. Like SLOW and NO HONKING signs near the schools and Hospitals, A Zebra crossing indicating slowing down and of course, GO and STOP signs. In this activity, having your child create his/her own city will not only encourage them to develop their artistic skills and imagination but in terms of road safety and security it will help them become more aware of the traffic signs in his own neighbourhood

Apart from this, we would also advise parents to teach kids various other rules to follow like…

Use of Pedestrian Footpath 

No use of Mobile phones while driving or riding a bicycle 

Always using a Helmet while on a bike or a bicycle and a seatbelt while driving a car. 

Always allowing the emergency vehicle like an Ambulance, Fire Brigade etc to move ahead of you even in traffic. 

We hope that this article has helped the parents with a similar dilemma like mine to be able to teach these traffic rules with a twist.


Keep on Teaching Kids about Traffic Rules


SuperMOM Mitali

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