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Teaching Alphabets to your kids- No Fuss Activities


I was never a mom who would give much importance to any kind of special activities that made my daughter learn, I always assumed that she would be able to learn on her own…But…Alas!!! I was wrong! Just yesterday when the teacher announced a test to write A to Z…I was zapped. What? A written test for a 4-year-old? (BTW Renny just turned 4 like yesterday!) I knew that she could not write many letters but always assumed that the other kids in her class were also still on the same page with her but certainly, she is falling behind.

I still remember getting a ZERO on my spelling test and bursting out into tears as soon as my mother came back from work. “Are we putting too much pressure on our kids?” I thought!!! After giving it a lot of thought and punching in a lot of keys on google, I came up with a list of activities that I am sure she will enjoy and we shall master A to Z over the weekend. (BTW Renny knows A to I and W to Z)

Writing Letters in Sand or Salt Tray or Semolina (Rawa)

Just to get the attention of the kid who refuses to practise writing Alphabets, I think this is a great activity. To make this… you can simply can take a plate and wither add Sand, Low Quality Thick salt or Semolina of a low quality (Not used for cooking) and begin practising your alphabets in the same. These kind of activities can also double up as sensory activities.

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

The first thing I bought on Amazon today while researching for this article are the wooden blocks, available at a throwaway price of 200 INR. These can also be used as a tool to learn/play. Just ask the kid to search for an Alphabet amongst the jumbled lot and then you can even extend the activity by asking them to write them on a book. Great way to learn right? They also have numbers engraved on them so…that is the next activity that we shall be practising and we can also use them to learn spellings.

Colouring the Alphabet using Q-Tips or colours

My daughter loves drawing & painting so I think this is going to be an amazing activity for her and she shall be having loads of fun and learning while doing the same. Also the q-tips are a great way to avoid messy color in the house. I absolutely cant wait to try this on tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram- SuperMOM Mitali to get all the live updates of the activities.

Simple Activities with Alphabets

Other simple activities with alphabets can be making an alphabet board and asking your kid to place smaller alphabets on top of the bigger ones or placing random objects like legos, smaller toys, keys, colours etc as in the below mentioned pic. This can be a great play activity for them to learn on their own as well.



Practising on a Slate

My mom emphasises on writing on a stone slate to boost memory and improve handwriting. Now what do I say? This can be a really interesting activity for the kids at a fraction of a cost.

Practising on sheets

Instead of buying sheets and books just download them off the internet on the blank side of the already used papers (save Paper) and get a fantastic study session going on. Download Free Sheets HERE

I hope you really loved reading this article and would really use some of these really simple and inexpensive ideas to your full advantage. Apart from these there are thousands of other ideas available on Pinterest..so do not forget to see them as well!!!

Keep on learning,


SuperMOM Mitali