Home Lifestyle Taking your toddler out to Kidzania? Keep these things in mind…..

Taking your toddler out to Kidzania? Keep these things in mind…..


Taking your toddler out to Kidzania? Keep these things in mind…..

With the vacations around the corner and kids getting bored at home Kidzania located in Mumbai & Delhi in India and across more than 18 locations spread in various countries is a great option to take your bored kiddo. Kidzania employs a unique methodology to make kids learn i.e the ‘Role-Play’ methodology.

Not only this Kidzania is a  family entertainment center for children in the age group of 4 to 16 to enhance their social and cognitive skills but…I would personally suggest taking a toddler around with an older kid or a known group of kids would work better.Or…..waiting till your kid at least turns 6 years old would make him/her learn &  enjoy the experience to its fullest….

But your toddler can have a great time at the place if you follow these simple steps…..


1. Preparing you toddler mentally– I have a 3.5 year old doll who can turn into a messy doll if not handled carefully so I usually prep her before taking her to any place by showing her informative videos on the internet and explaining the meaning and history of Kidzania or the place that she is visiting for the first time and thus preparing her mentally that she has to expect this from the place.

2. Helping him/her understand the process- Before, I took my daughter to Kidzania, I explained her the entire process beforehand, which was registration at the counter where she was made to wear a watch that tracked her as well as the time spent inside and then we had to head over to ‘Yes Bank’ where we collected ‘Kidzos’ or kiddie money and then she could begin her activities. I also made sure that she understood that she had to wait in a queue before her turn to do any activity. Making your kids understand the process will eliminate any chances of Temper-Tantrums or meltdowns at the place.Also this is an excellent video to understand the process yourself!

Also explaining to the kids that Kidzania will always have lots of kids around is a good idea so that they don’t expect an empty ready to play space.

3. Choosing the activities beforehand– Kidzania had over 25 activities to choose from so, going through them beforehand and sorting them acc to your kids likes and dislikes is a good idea.

4. Planning the meal time – As Kidzania is huge and offers lot of activities and playtime, I would suggest that you choose a time where your kiddo is the active best and is on a full tummy before entering the play area, if your kiddo feels hungry worry, not as Kidzania hosts 2 eating joints but your home food would not be allowed inside so plan the meal times accordingly and stay full.

5. Saying bye to the world of Kidzania– It is really easy to get lost in the Kiddie world that Kidzania offers, its design and activities make it very easy for kids to get lost in the fantasy land and thus planning a time to exit and communicating this to your toddler or kiddo is very important.

Having said this, we still had a great time at Kidania and would urge everyone to visit it at least one for a great experience, amazing interiors, and cordial staff.

Hope you mommies had an excellent time reading the article and are totally prepared to take your kid to a day at Kidzania.

Keep on Rocking mommies,


SuperMOM Mitali